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I love having more than one monitor, once you try more than one you can never really go back. Monitors though can be expensive and you have to think do you really need or have the space for another monitor on your desk? What about using what you already have readily available, something like your phone. Yes you can use your smartphone as a secondary monitor to run thing like Twitter, newsfeeds, chat or pretty much anything else. Shape Services has an app that will allow you to use your Android phone as a monitor, sure it’s small but for some thing like a widget or newsfeed it would be perfect. The app is called iDisplay and it gets paired with a desktop program to sync iDisplay over your home wi-fi network to create the second display.


iDisplay for Android

Turn your Android device into a second monitor for your Mac or Windows PC!

Connect your Android tablet or smartphone to your Mac or Windows PC and turn it into the second monitor! iDisplay is an universal app designed to increase your productivity by maximizing the viewable area of your main monitor.

iDisplay is ideal for multi-taskers and those who looking how to increase their efficiency. It expands the viewable area of a user´s main monitor by moving other running programs like IM, Twitter and news gadgets to an external display of their Android tablet or smartphone. It frees up your main monitor to display only programs which require more view space.

Note, that iDisplay consists of 2 parts: the mobile client (purchase the app in Android Market for your Android tablet or smartphone) and the FREE desktop service which you can get on Download page.

Extend the display
Drag-and-drop any window through the side edge of your computer screen and it will appear on your Android device screen, or vice versa.
Move and resize windows, interact with window controls, open menus, input any data – anything you do with a mouse on a desktop or laptop computer, you can also do the same way on your touchscreen device with a touch of a finger!
You can use it with any IM like Google Talk, Skype, Twitter, etc., weather, news, clock, calendar, quick notes or any other widgets or applications.

100% Compatible
Works with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus One, or any other Android tablet or smartphone on the market.
Different screen orientations
Works in portrait or landscape device orientations.

Requires Android OS 2.1 or later. Intel-based Mac, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or later or Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.
Non-Intel Macs and Macs running OS X in 64-bit mode are not supported

Price: $4.99

iDisplay comes in two parts, the phone app and the desktop program that you download from the Shape Services website. When you install the program it will put an icon in the taskbar area so you can access the program. There’s a few things there but not much to do really.  Once you have the iDisplay app on your phone you can then view what it looks like through the software or you can arrange the displays similar to how windows let’s you natively.

idisplay1 idisplay2

Once the iDisplay is connected to your phone you can then arrange the monitors how you want. You just drag them to whatever position you need to, very simple to do.


Here’s my Samsung Captivate hooked up:


iDisplay also put your wallpaper right on your phone as well, it takes the center section and uses it.


As an example I put some of my desktop gadgets on the phone:


idisplay10 idisplay11

I also used it to display pictures.


The Captivate automatically rotates from portrait to landscape normally and this function does work with iDisplay as well.


The picture quality is as good as the screen on your phone, so it looks good on my Captivate.

When you’re using iDisplay there’s even a mouse cursor on screen just like your main computer. To move thing you just drag them over to your phone, it’s like using any other multiple monitor setup.

It’s all done over wi-fi so you could take your phone with you if you’re monitoring something.

I did notice there is a slight delay in when you move the mouse and when it moves on the phone.

iDisplay let’s you view most anything on your phone, except videos. I tried Netflix and my security camera monitoring software on the phone, and they didn’t work. Not a big deal to me.

idisplay7 idisplay12 idisplay13 idisplay9

Adding another monitor to your computer can be a rather expensive and time consuming task, so why not use something you already have handy like your phone?!

iDisplay for Android will let you quickly and very easily add another display to your computer setup in a couple simple steps.

It’s an excellent and very useful little app for your phone that just has too many uses to list really.

Installation couldn’t be any simpler, install the app, install the program on your computer, turn on your wi-fi and connect them together. Very easy to do.

I like it and I think you will to.


+Very simple to use
+Works as described
+Inexpensive for how valuable to can be

-Slight lag
-No video


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  1. Jim Copeland
    January 12, 2017 at 9:23 am

    Has anyone tried using iDisplay with gaming? How does it work?

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