Review of Impactology Impact Shield for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s

For today’s review we will be looking at an iPhone 5/5S screen shield from Tech 21. The Impactology Impact Shield is designed to keep your iPhone 5/5S safe on the one area that most cases do not protect – the screen. Unlike other shields this is a multilayer structure that is designed to absorb and dissipate force away from the point of impact. It is composed of three layers – a hard top layer designed to spread the impact force, a middle layer using BASF BulletsShield Protection polymer to absorb the impact and finally a soft base layer that further absorbs impact force.

Most standard screen films concentrate the impact force at the point of contact; this shield is designed to dissipate the force along the body of the shield reducing the risk of shattering your iPhone screen. In addition it also has a self-healing anti-scratch capability.

Tech 21 has developed several Impactology cases for mobile devices now they are working on producing the best screen shield on the market.

Specifications and Features


Impact Shield 01

Impact Shield 02 Impact Shield 03


Inside the package we find the Tech21 Impactology Impact Shield, a cardboard instruction insert along with troubleshooting information a cleaning cloth and squeegee. All of this comes in an anti-static plastic baggy.

Impact Shield 04


Application of the Impact Shield is similar to other dry shield models and involves cleaning the iPhone 5/5S screen with the included cloth. Be sure it is dust and oil free or else you will get the dreaded bubble effect.

On the shield are two films marked with numbers to make application idiot proof. Before applying the shield remove the red number 1 release film. Next pinch the side edges so the center of the Impact Shield makes first contact with the iPhone 54/5S screen. Then gently push away any excess bubbles with the squeegee. Once you’re happy with the application remove the protective film tab marked number 2.

Most remaining bubbles should shortly disappear however if any dust or grease gets trapped underneath they may remain as unsightly bubbles. To remove dust from underneath the Impact Shield use the red release film to lift the corner of Impact Shield and clean the device’s screen with the lint free cloth to remove any dust particles oil deposits from the screen. Realign the Impact Shield and reapply it to the screen. Once again remove any excess bubbles using the enclosed squeegee.

Impact Shield 05 Impact Shield 06 

Impact Shield 07


The Impact Shield has openings around the home button, front camera and microphone regions. These two areas are not safe from scratches but the rest of the screen is protected. From my past experience the open areas that Tech21 left exposed are the most likely to elevate a screen protector off the phone.

Impact Shield 08

Impact Shield 09


Over the years I’ve owned numerous iPhones and have almost always used some form of screen shield. Initially I used dry application shields versions but invariably there was always a dust particle trapped when applying these models. In recent years I’ve moved to the wet application versions such as the one from Invisible Shield. They are easier to apply and have less chance of bubble formation. Their drawback to the is that they do not adhere as well to the screen as their dry application brethren. Often a case would lift up the corner of these wet applied screen protectors.

I am happy to report that the Impact Shield is pretty simple to apply and seems to sit tightly against the iPhone 5 screen. The shield does leave a small perimeter of the screen uncovered which is maybe a millimeter. In place it has the same glossy appearance as the native screen. One drawback to its glossy finish is that it attracts fingerprints much more readily than the Invisible Shield I was using previously.

The Impact Shield is scratch resistant and feels like you’re working on the native iPhone glass screen. Sitting in my pocket with my car keys, it did not pick up a scratch. I haven’t tested how well it works with impact so hopefully it will do the job it’s that type of disaster ever occurs.




Overall I am happy with the application process and the appearance of the Impactology Impact Shield. It seems like it will stay in place for quite a long time while keeping my iPhone 5S screen safe. The only drawback is that it seems to attract fingerprints rather easily.




+Simple to apply
+Appearance does not detract from the iPhone 5/5S
+Scratch resistant
+Designed to absorb impacts

-Attract fingerprints
-Leaves small perimeter around the edge

Design / Aestheticscore-9-10
Value / Pricescore-9-10
Performance / Usagescore-9-10

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