Review of inStream SeptimusB 7 Port USB Charging Station

It seems most every portable device today can be charged over USB and that’s a good thing most times as it’s handy but when you’ve got a household full of USB devices you can quickly run out of spaces to charge them. I’ve got three kids and they’ve got a lot of USB stuff and they fight over wall outlets and USB chargers, the product I have for review today helps eliminate those issues as it has seven USB ports ready to charge all your stuff. Today for review I’ve got the inStream SeptimusB 7 Port USB Charging Station which features seven auto sensing USB ports that have a max of 3amps per port so they can charge most any device on the market today. Having seven ports in one small device let’s you have your gadgets charged and ready in one spot and it eliminated the need for multiple wall chargers. Read on to learn more..

Specifications and Features

septimus1 septimus2 


Once you get everything unpacked you’ll find the charger, user guide, two USB cables and the power cord.


I love the two included cables, they’re about nine inches or 22cm long and they’re flat and thick but flexible and sturdy. You get both microUSB and Apple lightning cables and they’re a nice and handy addition to the charger as they can be used without the charger as well. These little cables are great to take with you for charging your stuff even if you don’t take the SeptimusB charger with you.

septimus4 septimus5


The charger is white in color with the SeptimusB logo on the front and it does look nice. The charger itself seems well made and it’s about  4.1 x 1.1 x 3.9 inches in size and weighs about 7 ounces.



The back just has an ID label there and the charge can stand up vertically.

 septimus8 septimus6 


On the front you’ll find the seven USB ports and a single LED to indicate power above them. The ports are not labeled, they automatically sense what you plug into them and adjust the voltage/amps as necessary with a maximum of 3amps per port which is more than enough for most any device out there today.



On the back you’ll find the power connection for the included cord and the main power switch. I very much like the fact that it has a power switch on it as some of these multiple chargers do not have a power switch on them and you have to unplug them when not in use.



The LED lights up green to let you know there’s power and the USB ports are ready to charge your devices.



To test it I grabbed seven things that charge over USB, PS Vita, ZuneHD, Black Box Car DVR, MeeCam, HTC One M7, Joby Flashlight and a Ravpower external battery/flashlight.



I was wondering if the PS Vita would charge and it did as sometimes it doesn’t like to charge with external batteries and chargers.

Everything else charged just fine, just like if I was using a USB wall adapter for them, nice and fast.

My kids have numerous USB devices and they fight over the single style USB wall chargers and the wall outlets so this helps cut that down. I gave this to them actually and they’ve been using it everyday for the past couple weeks with no issues at all. They love it really.



The inStream SeptimusB 7 Port USB Charging Station is a very handy device that can keep all your stuff charged and ready to go.

I like it because it helps to eliminate fights between my kids over wall outlets to charge their devices, that alone makes it well worth it in my opinion. If you don’t have kids you’ll still find the SeptimusB charger very useful as you can charge all your stuff in one place and not have to worry about wall outlets as you just need one and you can charge seven devices.

The inStream SeptimusB 7 Port USB Charging Station is very well made and it’s small and portable so you could take it with you if need be. Take it along with you on a trip and share the ports with other people and they’ll be thankful you brought it along.

The additional USB cables are great, I love them honestly, they’re well made and small making them very handy to take with you on the go and they won’t get tangled up either.

I like the power switch on this product as it allows you to keep it plugged in and then just flip the switch when you need to charge your stuff.

All in all the inStream SeptimusB 7 Port USB Charging Station is a great product that I can recommend.

+Very nice microUSB and Lightning cables included
+Choose any port to charge
+Well made
+On/Off switch
+Simple to use

-None really

score-10-10 Recommended


Scores Out of 10
Overall score-10-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-10-10
Performance / Usage score-10-10

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