Review of JawayTool Third Hand Helping Hands Accessory

Helping hands or third hand as it might be called like it is for today’s review can be an indispensible accessory for not only soldering but many other hobby and intricate work related things. The product is from Jawaytool and I’ve reviewed a few of their things already and liked all of them and found them useful and still use them. The third hand is very useful, I had one a long time ago but it broke and I never replaced it so I was very happy to get one for review. Read on to learn more…

Specifications and Features

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The helping hands or third hand consists of a magnifying glass and two alligator clip really and all of them are attached to base and they can all be moved independently of each other and positioned according to your needs and uses. Overall it’s solidly made and the main bar is about five inches long and when the magnifying glass is extended fully it’s about seven inches high. The magnifying glass, alligator clips and the main bar are held in place with ball joints that can be loosed or tightened with butterfly style fasteners.



There are two alligator clips on both ends of the metal rod which are attached to ball joints so you can move them to virtually any needed position. The clips themselves are very strong, if you put your finger in them they do hurt so they can easily hold anything you need them to surely.

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Everything is attached to a cast iron heavy base and can be moved and positioned from where it is attached to the base. There is a long bar which attaches to the base t hat has the magnifying glass and clips attached to it and it can be shifted left or right as needed.  The base is heavy yes but it’s not very wide at only about 2 inches by 2 inches and if you lean it to far forward or back the whole thing will tip over especially if you have anything of substantial weight in the clips.


The magnifying glass is actually glass unlike others that are plastic and it’s surrounded by a heavy duty metal ring. The glass is about 2.5 inches in diameter and the metal ring is just under .5 inches thick. The magnifying glass is 2x in power which should be fine for most uses I would think. The magnifying glass is attached to a ball joint as well so it can be moved to any needed position or just out of the way if need be. The glass itself is very clear and I don’t see any imperfections in the glass at all.


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All in all I very like the Jawaytool third hand, it’s well made and I love the fact that the magnifying glass is actually glass.

It works very well and the alligator clips are strong and should be able to hold anything you need them to.

The only issue I have with the third hand is the base is a bit too small or not wide enough as it can tip over if angled too far forward or back.

+Glass magnifying glass
+Very handy and useful for many things

-Base could be wider, falls over sometimes

score-8-10 Recommended


Scores Out of 10
Overall score-8-10
Design / Aesthetic score-8-10
Value / Price score-8-10
Performance / Usage score-8-10

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