Review of X-Doria Revel Case for iPhone 6s/6

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The majority of iPhone cases can be divided into one of two categories – protection versus fashion. The protective cases are generally bulky and designed to withstand above average punishment while the fashion cases are usually protective for mild to moderate trauma. For today’s review we will be looking at one of the latter type of iPhone 6/6s cases.

At Technogog we have previously reviewed iOS accessories from X-Doria. Recently they add a new line of cases for the iPhone 6/6s model phones – The Revel, which is designed for the fashion conscious consumer. These cases offer fashionable and distinctive patterns on the outside of the case while being designed to be ultra-slim fitting with reinforced raised corners and scratch protection.


The Revel case arrives in a cardboard box with an image of the case protecting an iPhone on the front cover along with its Apple phone compatibility printed on the bottom. This cover flips up to reveal the Revel through a plastic window. Another picture of the case on an iPhone is seen on the inner flap, while on the back of the box is a list of case features.

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X-Doria offers the Revel in six different patterns. For today’s review we will be looking at the Palm and the Floral Palm designs. The other designs include Blue Marble, Owl, Hipster Deer and Zebra.

Opening the package we find the case by itself. The case is a uni-body design with a hard outer shell, a raised front bezel and soft rubber bumpers on the perimeter.

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At the bottom of the Revel are openings for the headphone jack, speaker and Lightning connector. Protected rubber buttons cover the power button and volume controls while there is an opening for the mute switch. On the back of the case we find an opening for the camera along the X-Doria name and logo at the bottom.

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Specifications and Features

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Aesthetically the Revel is a nice looking case. The design is printed on clear plastic revealing some of the iPhone’s aluminum material underneath the pattern which makes for a unique look.

For testing I gave one case to my wife and another to my daughter who have used them for the past week. Both loved the designs and thought they “looked cool”.

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Functionally they had no issues using their iPhones with the case in place. All of the controls were easily accessible with the Revel on the iPhone 6.

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The Revel is not a slippery case so it will feel secure when held. My wife did remark that the rubbery grip on the perimeter of the case was “not smooth” which upon inspection I noticed the rubber to have an uneven texture but this was a tactile impression and was not visibly discernable. After a week of use, neither case revealed any scratches on the back of the case.

The other remark my wife had was that the lower aspect on the case was a little loose compared to the rest of the case but I have noticed that with numerous other iPhone 6/6s cases as that is where the majority of openings for the ports are located.

No one will confuse the Revel case with an OtterBox one in terms of protection but it will protect the iPhone 6/6s from minor to moderate trauma as my wife informed me the case protected her iPhone 6 from a recent fall; although moderate to severe trauma may damage the case.

Overall both of them were happy with the X-Doria Revel protecting their iPhones.


The Revel series will not be mistaken for a rugged iPhone case with its slim profile. It has less impact protection than the similarly priced Speck CandyShell series. But the Revel is also thinner and lighter than the Speck model.

The X-Doria Revel series is designed for those who want to personalize their iPhone 6/6s and stand out from the sea of Speck CandyShell cases around town. X-Doria created these cases with funky designs to add some flare to the iPhone 6/6s while still revealing the Apple aesthetic through the clear areas on the case.

I know my wife and daughter will be sporting their Revel cases for quite some time.

+Slim profile
+Stylish appearance
+Easily to apply and remove
+Full access to controls and headphone jack

-Single layer protection



Scores Out of 10
Overall score-8-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-8-10
Performance / Usage score-8-10

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