Review of mophie workbook for iPad

Mophie has built its reputation on its external battery charging solutions for mobile Apple devices. Surprisingly they also make other Apple peripherals such as the mophie workbook for iPad. It is designed to protect the iPad while being functional at the same time.

This folio style case was created to be fully adjustable so it can be used as a stand for viewing video, to provide a gentle incline for typing on the virtual keyboard or just for daily iPad use. The mophie workbook for iPad borrows some design features from other folio cases while improving them at the same time

The mophie workbook for iPad comes packaged in a clear and black plastic box with the case visualized within. The name is found on the front of the package and on the back are pictorial representations of several viewing angle positions.

mophie workbook01 mophie workbook02 mophie workbook03

Inside the box we find the case itself protected by a clear plastic baggy. The case measures 7.625” x 9.875” x 0.75”. It comes in five color combinations: Black with black strap, White with grey strap, Orange with black strap, Chocolate with cyan strap and Cement with a yellow strap.

mophie workbook04

The review sample we received was the orange with black strap version. My fashion conscious wife described the case as Hermes orange, which a tech geek such as myself doesn’t mean much but I interpret that as a positive for those who are fashion conscious.

mophie workbook05

Mophie touts on the product web page that the workbook is animal friendly with its faux leather exterior. This faux leather is so realistic that it is hard to tell it is not true leather when the case is held in one’s hand.

mophie workbook06

Looking at the bottom left side on the front of the case we see the mophie logo. On the right side of the workbook is a black elastic strap used to keep the folio case closed. The elastic originates from the edges one the back panel allowing the elastic to flip flush with the back or front without twisting.

mophie workbook07 mophie workbook08

Orange stitching is seen around the periphery of the case.

mophie workbook09

On the back of the workbook is a fold creases for the case’s various orientations.

mophie workbook10

The front of the case opens like a book to reveal a soft felt material. This felt extends half way behind the back of the iPad protective sleeve. The other half of this back section is composed of orange faux leather.

mophie workbook11

Along the side of the front flap is a 1 ½” section of faux leather that wraps around from the front. Once again the mophie logo is embossed on this material.

mophie workbook12

The iPad sleeve is surrounded with a frame of orange faux leather while the inside of this pocket is lined with the soft felt material. Unlike other cases I reviewed in the past the mophie workbook for iPad has a Velcro closure for keeping the iPad from sliding out of this sleeve.

mophie workbook13 mophie workbook14

This sleeve uses elastic on the pocket to keep the iPad snuggly in position. The top power and headphone jack and the bottom dock connector and speakers can be easily accessed from the top even with the case closed.

mophie workbook15 mophie workbook16

An exposed area on the right side allows the volume control access.


mophie workbook for iPad

The workbook is a stylish, protective, fully adjustable folio for your iPad. It prevents damage from bangs, bumps and drops that seem to happen, no matter how careful you try to be. Plus, its super light-weight, ultra-thin and has a low-profile design that is adjustable and secure at any viewing angle for watching, typing or browsing.

Protective Case
The workbook is a light-weight, form-fitting iPad case offering complete protection from front to back. Sleek folio design offers thin profile and easy carrying.

Infinite Viewing Angles
The workbook provides an infinite number of angles for comfortable typing or screen viewing, improving the overall functionality of the iPad.

Pass-through Design
Enables full access to all ports and controls. Simultaneously charge and sync your iPad without having to remove it from the workbook.

Animal-friendly Exterior
Faux leather exterior is easy to clean but durable to the elements and the plush interior ensures your iPad has unmatched protection.

Superior Protection for the iPad
The workbook is a light-weight, form-fitting iPad case offering complete protection from front to back.
Sleek folio design offers thin profile and easy carrying.
Durable elastic strap ensures iPad folio stays closed and secure during commute.

Enhanced Functionality
The workbook is adjustable and secure at any viewing angle for watching, typing or browsing.
Provides an infinite number of viewing angles for comfortable typing or screen viewing, improving the overall functionality of the iPad.

Choice of Color
The workbook comes in five colors, allowing you to choose the case that matches your style, including:
Black with black strap
White with grey strap
Orange with black strap
Chocolate with cyan strap
Cement with a yellow strap

Price: $59.95

Installing the iPad into the mophie workbook for iPad involves sliding the Apple tablet into the inner protective iPad sleeve then closing the Velcro closure. One complaint I’ve had with previous folio style cases was the lack of locking mechanism for the iPad, mophie’s solution with the Velcro is a simple and low profile solution.

mophie workbook17

Once inserted into the mophie workbook, the iPad is secured in place. The outer covering of the workbook is padded offering some protection from bumps and minor falls for the iPad. Although the case does add some bulk as most folio cases do, it is fairly light and comfortable to carry around.

The mophie workbook uses the built in folds and felt material to help conform the case into numerous positions. Mophie added a strip of Velcro to the left side of the iPad sleeve to help keep the case standing in any position.

mophie workbook18 mophie workbook19 mophie workbook20 mophie workbook21 mophie workbook22

Functionally the iPad is 100% accessible while resting within the mophie workbook; all the controls and inputs were readily available. The only time I needed to remove the iPad from the workbook was when I would charge the iPad in my XtremeMac InCharge Duo.

mophie workbook01 mophie workbook05 mophie workbook11 mophie workbook17


In creating the workbook for iPad, mophie seems to have studied and improved upon competing products to create an elite folio style iPad case. Little nuances such as locking the iPad into the inner sleeve and the non-twisting case strap help make the workbook stand out from the competition.

The mophie workbook for iPad is a lightweight low profile folio case that makes the iPad infinitely more usable without ever having to take the iPad out of it. There are several different styles to match most people’s personal tastes. Although the case is a bit pricey, its well thought out design, quality construction and style make it a must own iPad case.


+Plenty of padded protection
+Numerous stand positions
+Accessible to all buttons and ports
+Quality Construction
+Durable elastic band



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