Android App Lets Users Send "Santa-fied" Postcards to Their Friends

Here’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit, make yourself and friends into Santa Claus with this cute little Android app.

Just in time for the holidays, the new Santa Booth app has hit the Android Market and is available for download. Santa Booth lets users turn people in any photo into Santa Claus and then share the "Santa Cards" with friends and family.

It works like this. Users can take pictures of their friends or use any photos already stored on their phone. The image is then "Santa-fied" by adding a Santa hat, bushy eyebrows, and a thick, white beard. Drag everything into place with your fingers, and the postcard is ready to go. "My grandma sent me a picture of myself with a Santa hat and a bushy beard," said 19-year-old Susan Stenz.



Santa Booth is all about spreading holiday cheer, so sharing easy easy through text message, Twitter, Facebook, or Email. Most users choose to share Santa Cards on their friends Facebook wall. The app can be downloaded from the Santa Booth website or the Android Market.

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