Review of NewerTech NuScribe 2-in-1 Touch Screen Stylus and Pen

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Up for review today I have the NewerTech NuScribe 2-in-1 Touch Screen Stylus and Pen. It’s exactly as the name suggests, it’s a stylus and it’s a pen. It can be used with any device like tablets or phones that have a capacitive screen. It’s a simple but very useful product for those that often us tablets, either Android or Apple branded.

The NuScribe comes in a display style package, cardboard back with clear plastic front with lots of information on the back.

nuscribe1 nuscribe2

The price of the NuScribe is $19.99 and you can get it in silver or pink colors, I got silver as pink just isn’t for me.


The NuScribe has a clip on it with the NewerTechnoloy logo on the top end where the stylus nub is.


The pen part is black ink and it’s retractable, just twist and the pen tip comes in or out.



NuScribe 2-in-1 touch screen stylus and pen

The NuScribe gives you the best of digital and traditional writing tools in one convenient design. Its precision formed, soft rubber nib glides effortlessly across touch screens, so you can navigate, draw, sketch, take digital notes, even turn pages in iBooks.

Because you don’t use your fingertips for input, the touch screen will stay smudge free and easier to view. When the setting calls for traditional pen and paper, the NuScribe’s twist barrel operation reveals a smooth ball point tip with fluid ink coverage comparable to business class writing instruments. Versatile and convenient, the NuScribe is the "write" option for touch screens and paper.

-Ideal 2-in-1 companion for touch screen products, such as the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
-Combination twist barrel pen and touch screen input stylus offers fluid, precise navigation, drawing, sketching, note taking…even page turning!
-Precision formed, soft rubber nib delivers smooth touch screen surface glide
-Keeps touch screen smudge free and easier to view
-Traditional, yet slim pen design and balance provides sophisticated business setting use
-1 Year Warranty (not including consumables like pen ink)

Price: $19.99

I used the NuScribe with a couple Android tablets, an Android phone and a WP7 phone as well. I also used it to write with on paper.

Writing with it is nice, it’s smooth and produces a fine black line. The pen is comfortable in the hand.


Using it with my tablet I used it for navigation on my devices, turning pages and even tried a bit of drawing. Writing with it on a tablet does take a bit to get accustomed to, but with practice it works well.


A little while ago I reviewed the Bracketron Style-iT 2-in-1 Stylus and it’s a little bigger than the NuScribe. I’ve used both quite a bit and I found I like the NuScribe better, it’s smaller and just feels more comfortable to me. On the other hand though the Bracketron does cover the stylus tip when you’re using the pen, this is good and bad. It can protect it, but it’s not as easy as the NuScribe, you just flip it over and use it as a stylus. Not that big of a deal I guess, guess it’s your preference.

nuscribe8 nuscribe9

nuscribe1 nuscribe3 nuscribe4 nuscribe5 

The NewerTech NuScribe Stylus and Pen is stylish and very easy to use. It works great with tablets or even phones with touch screens. The pen is thin and lightweight and it is very comfortable to use as a stylus and write with on paper. The stylus end of the pen works very well, it worked perfectly fine on both of my tablet and my phones. The little nub on the end is soft and should not leave any marks on your screens. I found it works fine with or without a screen protector. For $19.99 the NuScribe is an excellent accessory for your tablet, be it from Apple or Android.


+Easy to use
+Nicely made
+Comfortable to use and write with
+Stylish design

-None really


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