Review of NuGuard KX for the iPad mini

For today’s review we will be checking out the NuGuard KX for the iPad mini. Designed by the folks at OWC, well known for their Apple accessories the NuGuard KX offers military grade protection for your Apple tablet. This case is designed for folks wanting OtterBox like protection without the extreme bulkiness

It works two fold using a plastic protective shell along with an energy distributing liner made of something called X-Orbing gel. OWC selected this material as it redistributes the energy from an impact across the gel liner instead of the iPad mini. The NuGuard KX for the iPad mini is even military drop test certified.



The NuGuard KX for the iPad mini arrives in a white, red and black cardboard package with the case visualized through a clear plastic window. The front cover lifts up to reveal the back of the NuGuard KX for the iPad mini. The inner flap has a QR code for video demonstrating the case’s protective capabilities. On the back is a list of features and a description of the product.


NuGuard02 NuGuard03

Inside the package we find the case by itself. The NuGuard KX for the iPad mini comes in one color – black and is composed of a rubbery plastic exterior shell. For a rugged style protective case the NuGuard KX is fairly flexible when not housing an iPad Mini.




The periphery of the case has opening for all of the inputs and controls. The volume and power buttons are covered by the case while the headphone jack, microphone, speakers, Lightning connector, rotation lock and camera all have easily accessible openings.


NuGuard07 NuGuard08


OWC designed the NuGuard KX to create a lip on the front of the case to keep the iPad Mini’s screen from laying flush with any tabletop surface.

The inside of the shell is lined with the padded X-Orbing gel designed to absorb the kinetic energy of a fall instead of the Apple tablet.



On the back of the case we see the NuGuard KX logo on the bottom right corner with a textured pattern on the rest of the case surface. This texture is designed for aesthetics and to help provide additional security by enhancing the tackiness of the back of the case.

NuGuard10 NuGuard11



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