Review of NuGuard KX for the iPad mini

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Installation and Usage


To install the iPad Mini simply insert one corner into the NuGuard KX and press down on the other three corners bringing the case over the tablet. It is just as simple to remove, just pull down one corner of the case and pull the iPad Mini out. Since the case is more malleable than other heavy-duty iPad Mini cases, it is a simple process of installing and removing the NuGuard KX.

Once the NuGuard KX is in place you will notice a substantial increase in the thickness of the tablet. Surprisingly the NuGuard KX for the iPad mini is very lightweight for a case providing such protection, as it weighs just a few ounces. The rubbery external material makes the case feel secure in one’s hands.



Aesthetically the NuGuard KX looks like an ordinary black case. It’s rather pedestrian looking and does not stand out in one way or another. Hopefully there will be color choices in the future.

Accessing all of the controls and ports was not a problem although the covered buttons for power and volume took a little more force than usual to transmit to the iPad Mini. The headphone jack area has a square cut out allowing most headphone jacks to fit easily.


NuGuard14 NuGuard15


The OWC site has a video of an iPad Mini flying down a set of concrete sets to show the ruggedness and protective capabilities of the NuGuard KX. While I did not repeat such testing the NuGuard KX did provide plenty of protection from everyday bumps and the occasional drop.

The raised lip around the main screen provides some protection for the display. Like most cases the screen is still exposed to external danger from direct blows. Sadly, OWC does not provide any form of screen shield, which would be a nice addition for this style of case.



I tested the NuGuard KX during my recent vacation and it survived sitting outdoor and on the beach without a scratch. One event occurred that may or may not have been due to the case; when the direct sun was hitting my iPad Mini after a ½ hour it shut down due to overheating. I am not sure if this happened because of the gel padding which acted like an insulator but I believed it may have contributed as I did not have this issue while using my folio style case.




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