Review of Nuvango Skin for Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13”

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One of my earliest reviews was for GelaSkins where I looked at their skins for the MacBook Pro and iPhones. I have used Gelaskins for years primarily on my Apple laptops and they have done a fantastic job of keeping the top of MacBooks protected. In addition their unique design is always a good conversation starter.

Like most successful companies, Gelaskin has grown and evolved over the years. Since that earlier review Gelaskins have rebranded themselves as Nuvango which functions as a community and marketplace for artists to create and sell their art. Besides offering skins for phones, tablets or computers Nuvango have also expanded into the realm of art prints, clothing and other media formats.



Specifications and Features

Nuvango Skin for MacBook Pro Retina 13”

Nuvango Skins are low-profile, laminated vinyl decals designed to protect and personalize portable electronic devices. Made from a patented 3M material, these Skins provide protection against scratches and everyday wear-and-tear. The adhesive is re-positionable, and will not leave any residue upon removal. Air channels in the material aid in applying skins to any device by allowing air bubbles to smooth out easily.

Give your MacBook or PC laptop a fresh new look with ‘Theologue’ by Alex Grey. Our laptop skins (AKA GelaSkins) combine ultra-thin scratch protection with gallery quality artwork. They’re easy to apply, remove cleanly, and they’re 100% compatible with laptop cases and sleeves.

Price: $30

The Review

For today’s review we will look at the MacBook Pro Retina 13” Gelaskin – ‘Theologue’ by Alex Grey. For those familiar with the band Tool you may recognize his work from their album covers and concerts. Alex Grey is a contemporary artist whose work combines elements of psychedelia and spirituality. His style is very distinct and powerful, so when I discovered his work was available on Nuvango, I knew that is what I would want protecting my MacBook Pro.

The skin arrives in a cardboard mailer to protect it during shipping. Sealed in a plastic clear envelope the design of the skin is readily seen.

Gelaskins are a laminated vinyl decal printed of 3M Controltac material which is designed for easy application and removal. Specialized air channels in the material allow any air bubbles to be smoothed out without any hassle.

On the top left of the skin is the Nuvango logo and at the top right is the skin’s title and artist along with the device the designed to be used with the Gelaskin.

 Nuvango 02

 Nuvango 03 


Printed on the back of the contact sheet is the 3M Controltac logo. The backing page behind the contact sheet provides instructions for applying the Gelaskin.


Before applying the skin make sure the contact surface is both clean of debris and dry. Start by removing the back from the 3M vinyl skin.


Since the skin is precisely cut to the device it is to rest upon the most important part is to align the corners of the skin. Once the skin is in place carefully smooth out the bubbles. That’s pretty much it. The beauty of the Nuvango Gelaskins is that if you do mess up, it is simple enough to lift off the skin and the reapply it.


Here is the Nuvango Gelaskin applied on the MacBook Pro Retina 13”. The pictures really don’t do it justice. In person the imagery of the print really stands out. The Gelaskin allows the user to express themselves without making any permanent changes to their device. Plus it will protect the device from scratches and marks until it is removed. Once taken off there is no residue to be found on the device.

Nuvango 08 Nuvango 09

 Nuvango 10



Nuvango’s Gelaskins are the best skins on the market in terms of design and function. Their print quality is top notch and they are easy to apply and remove plus they leave not residual residue when permanently removed.

If you are looking at a way to personalize your device whether a smart phone, tablet, or computer then the Nuvago Gelaskins are the way to go.

+Super easy application
+Easy to remove
+Multitude of skin options
+No adhesive residue


score-10-10 Recommended


Scores Out of 10
Design / Aestheticscore-10-10
Value / Pricescore-10-10
Performance / Usagescore-10-10

Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review.

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