Review of OxyLED T-01 LED Touch Sensitive Light

Touch enabled is in our tablets and phones and some computers at this point but there are many other things in our lives that can be touch enabled. Today for review I have the OxyLED T-01 which is a touch enabled LED light bar that you can place wherever you need some light and might not have an outlet or the ability or skill to run wires there. The T-01 has four LEDs in it and the center section which houses the LEDs can be tilted to direct the light where you need it most. It uses four standard AAA batteries which should provide about 100 hours of use. Read on to learn more…


The package for the T-01 is just plain white with the name on the front and then basic information on the back or bottom listing features and warnings.

oxytouch1 oxytouch2


Once you get the T-01 unpacked you’ll just find a warranty card and the T-01 wrapped in bubble wrap for protection.



The T-01 is made of plastic with a white frame and a silver center where the four LEDs are. Overall it look nice and it seems well made.



The T-01 is really two pieces, the main section is the frame and then the silver or mirrored center section where the LEDs are. The entire center section can tilt right and left so you can direct the light to where you want it.

oxytouch5 oxytouch6


The touch sensor is located off to the side of the LED bar section and it looks just like two small metal buttons.



On the bottom is the battery cover but it’s also where you’ll find two adhesive mounting pads. This is how you mount the light where you want it. The battery cover stays where you put it and when you change the batteries the cover stays where you mounted it.



To get the cover off you just slide it and it unlocks and comes off and you’ll see where to put the four AAA batteries.




Specifications and Features

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The touch sensor works fine, it’s just two small pieces of metal that you touch to complete the circuit to turn it on and off.  It is very sensitive, you can just brush up against it and through your clothes it will activate.

One of the odd things about this light is that I found static electricity can turn it on and off. In the winter it’s cold and the furnace is on and it’s a dry heat which causes static and I’m sure everyone had dealt with it. I had the T-01 sitting over on my desk and I would sit down and get shocked and the T-01 would turn on all by itself. I thought there was something wrong with it but then I figured out it was the static electricity that was doing it.


The OxyLED T-01 is a great solution for those areas that you might need more light but don’t have access to an outlet and/or can’t run electrical wires there.

The T-01 is simple to use, install the batteries and attach it to where you need it.

The sensor is very sensitive and works as expected.

Overall the T-01 is well made and it looks nice.

Overall I like the T-01 but it’s just not very bright and it seems the LEDs point towards a center point and they’re spread out to give you more light in the area you want it.

For the price though it’s well worth it I think as it can come in very handy as long as you know its limitations.




+Easy to use
+Tilts to put light where you want it
+Very secure mounting
+Well made overall

-Not very bright
-Narrow light band
-Static can turn it on



Scores Out of 10
Overall score-8-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-10-10
Performance / Usage score-7-10

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