Review of Wolverine Sightline LX Waterproof Field Hunting Boots

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When most people think of technology they think of cellphones, computers and things like that but technology is in lots of things we use everyday. It takes a lot of technology really to make a pair of boots for example. Yes we are a tech oriented site but you’ll find reviews and news here of things that some might not think would fit on this site, but it does really as we are a tech oriented site and that just doesn’t mean computers and phones, it can be lots of things you might not expect.

Today for review I have the Wolverine Sightline LX waterproof boots and they feature 600 grams of 3M Thinsulate material to keep you warm and there’s a lot of other technology that went into creating these boots. We get things for review but we also review things that we buy so we can let other people know our experiences with them. I bought these boots for myself to replace a pair of Herman’s Survivors that lasted me for about eight years and I expected similar results from a pair of Wolverines as I’ve heard lots of good things about them. Sadly I had to return these boots to where I got them after less than a month as they were falling apart and I just can’t have that. Read on to learn more…


These boots come in a bright red box with the Wolverine logo on the top. On the side you’ll find the model number and information along with the price. I got these at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $89.99 but they are regularly priced at $129.99 so I thought it was a good deal.

wolverine1 wolverine2


Inside you’ll find the boots wrapped in tissue paper just like any others.



I got the two-tone brown color. The boots lace half way up and then have hooks the rest of the way, most boots are like that, and that’s what I much more prefer in my boots if I can get them that way.

wolverine4 wolverine5

wolverine6 wolverine7


These are waterproof boots and you’ll find a nice tag letting you know at the top of them. These boots are a combination of leather and nylon which makes them more durable I think and they do have heavy double stitching on most of the seams. There is a finger pull on the back to help you get them on too.



You’ll see the Wolverine logo and name on the side and you’ll notice the soles are rather thick rubber.



On the bottom you’ll find a heavy tread pattern that resembles an off-road tired I think. They should do a great job gripping to any surface.


There are hang tags letting you know they are waterproof and have 600 grams of Thinsulate Ultra to keep you warm while walking through the snow in the mountains of just shoveling your sidewalk in the winter.



Specifications and Features

Wolverine Men’s Sightline High Waterproof 600g Field Hunting Boots

Throw on your gear and go hunting in the Wolverine Men’s Sightline High Waterproof 600g field hunting boot. Navigate the terrain with the waterproof membrane lining and leather/diesel mesh upper, providing comfort and durability the entire hunt. When conditions get tough, know you’re covered with warm Thinsulate insulation. With a durable rubber lug outsole, prowl the woods in the Sightline boot.

Waterproof leather and diesel mesh upper provide durability and high-quality comfort
Wolverine PC dry silver waterproof membrane lining seals out water so you stay dry on the hunt
600 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation provides warmth when conditions get tough
Removable, open-cell polyurethane footbed for plush comfort
Compression molded EVA midsole for additional support
Nylon shank adds stability
Rubber lug outsole for durable traction control on rugged terrain
Cement construction cuts back break-in time, adds flexibility

Style: 8792

Price: $89.99 (Regular $129.99)

The Review

I bought these boots on February 27th 2015 as sort of a birthday present to myself as my bday was the 27th. I got them though to replace my old pair of Herman’s Survivors where the sole split after eight years of wearing them. Really I’ve heard nothing but good things about Wolverine boots and I needed something warm and waterproof for camping/hiking with my kids when I take them on Boy Scout trips but I also something I could wear just basically all winter long. So I got these on the 27th of February but I didn’t actually put them on until March 7th as there was a camping trip coming up and I needed to break them in so I wore them a few days per week just a few hours really, maybe twenty hours in total. I returned these boots to Dick’s on April 1st so I don’t think twenty hours over about three and half weeks is a lot of usage honestly. I didn’t even get to wear these camping as my son decided not to go and I’m glad I didn’t.


Look / Aesthetic / Design:

I personally like tan, black or brown boots, I don’t do the whole camo thing or other colors and patterns. I wanted a solid color that I could wear all the time not just when I’m out doing outdoor things like camping, hiking or hunting. They did have the Realtree color to choose from but I picked the solid brown, or mostly solid brown as they’re more of a dark and light brown mixed.

I like the looks of these boots a lot, they have a hunting or hiking look to them but yet sort of tactical.

You can wear them with jeans or other pants and they look fine, not out of place like a camo part might. They really look like regular shoes when you’re pants are worn down over them.

For some reason I really like the tread pattern on these, it just looks really good. Looks aside though, they seem to have a very good grip on any of the surface I was on including some light ice.



My last pair of boots were a nine and half size but these I had to get in a ten and half. There really is no standard size for shoes and boots and it’s annoying. Basically what I’m saying is that you need to try them on as most likely the size you think you wear you won’t in these boots.

The first couple times I wore them they were a bit tight but they very quickly ‘broke in’ and fit much better.

I have to say they are very comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. One day I did wear them for about six hours straight and I was comfortable the whole time and they kept my feet warm as it was rather cold out.

The tops of the boots are thickly padded and supportive but yet flexible allowing you to move you ankle naturally which is great for driving. if you’re even tried to drive wearing a stick pair of boots you’d understand what I mean as you can’t move from the gas peddle to the break naturally.

The width was fine for me, but I’ve never found the need to buy anything expect normal width shoes and boots.


The Problems:

I’m not sure exactly when these boots started to come apart, I really don’t examine my boots every time I put them on.  On April 1st though I was taking my son to school and was putting these boots on and for whatever reason I noticed the left boot was coming apart at the toes and then I saw the same thing on the right boot as well. The left boot was worse as I could actually see down inside of the boot, but the right was going to get there soon from what I could tell.


wolverine12 wolverine13


Simply put this should not be happening with a pair of boots that were really just worn to drive my kids to school and back and never really used outdoors and for less than a month. It’s ridiculous that they’re falling apart already, and I’m very unhappy about this as I really expected more from a pair of Wolverines.

I also noticed they seem to wear quickly, you can see the lighter colored parts in the pictures, not sure what’s going on there as I don’t know what I could have done to cause that kind of wear.



They say first impressions are important and my first impression of Wolverines boots left me very unhappy. I’d really only heard great things about Wolverine boots and I’m very disappointed in them.

I could see if these were some cheap, off-brand boots, but they’re not, they’re supposed to be top quality boots but something went wrong somewhere with these.

My last boots were a pair of Herman’s Survivors and they cost about the same as these Wolverines did at the sale price and they lasted me about eight years. Maybe I was expecting too much, but it’s not too much to expect them to last at least a month!?

Yes they are comfortable, warm and they look good and that’s about all they have going for them as the build quality is terrible.

I did check after I returned these and there are a couple similar reviews to mine where customers said the boots were coming apart, so it’s not just me or the boots I got.

If you’re looking for a pair of boots that I’d suggest not buying these. I’m not sure about other Wolverine boots but these are just garbage in my opinion and not worth the price at all, I wouldn’t even take these for free.

I just don’t think it’s right to pay close to $100 after taxes for a pair of boots and have them not last even one month with minimal use.



-Horrible build quality
-Not even a month of use out of them



Scores Out of 10
Design / Aestheticscore-4-10
Value / Pricescore-3-10
Performance / Usagescore-1-10

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