Review of Pad&Quill The College Edition Moleskin Case for iPad 2

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to review the Octavo iPad 2 case from mobile device accessory maker Pad&Quill. That moleskin style case is the one I still use to this day. Recently Pad&Quill released the College Edition, an iPad 2 case designed for the budget minded. This case features the quality and craftsmanship of the other Pad&Quill cases for a slightly lower price.

The College Edition is made using the same book bindery techniques as the Octavo. Looking at the case from afar you will easily mistake it for a hardcover book. As this is a Pad&Quill case we know the quality will be there, the question is what sacrifices have been made for this budget case.


The College Edition for iPad 2 case arrives in a Pad&Quill labeled brown cardboard box. Within we find the case along with a set of spare bumpers and a colored sheet with instructions and company history. The case is available in 3 styles – Evening Blue / Slate Gray, Burgundy Wine / Harvest Wheat and Forest Green / Khaki Tan. For this review we received the Evening Blue/Slate Gray version.

CE01 CE02

If you have seen previous moleskin style iPad 2 cases then the exterior and interior of the College Edition will be familiar. The outside of the case is covered with paperback wrapping. On the spine of the case is an accent wrap with embossed “PQ” lettering at the top and “Vol.1” at the bottom.


CE04 CE05

An elastic strap is found on the back of the case for keeping it closed. Missing from the College Edition is an opening for the iPad 2’s camera; this is one of the features cut from this Pad&Quill model.


The interior surface of the case is lined with bookbindery cloth. An interior pocket for holding papers is found on the left side inner cover. Another missing feature is the smart cover capability due to lack of magnets on this inner front cover.

CE07 CE08

The right inner portion houses the Baltic Birch iPad 2 frame. Proprietary bumpers are found in each of the corners of this frame which keep the iPad 2 snuggly in position. A cloth bookmark is found on the lower left-hand side of the inside frame; this is used for popping the iPad 2 out of the college edition case.


Openings for the headphone jack, power button, volume controls and dock connector I found around the periphery of the frame. A scalloped cutout is found by the iPad 2 speakers which functions to amplify the Apple device’s audio.



The College Edition for iPad 2

Some things are simply wrong:  your mom yelling “we’re kickin’ it old school”,  paying $300 for a “History of Medieval Grammar” textbook and inadequate protection for your iPad 2. P&Q is here to help with our new College Edition! Presenting our newest rugged, high quality case with a low budget. Apologies, we really can’t do anything about your mom…

Presenting the P&Q College Edition. The case looks like a book pulled from the library stacks, with it’s hand bound cover and durable Baltic Birch frame. This one wears just like an old favorite book. And with it’s  budget friendly price, you won’t have to sell a body part to purchase one of the best protective cases on the market.


– College budget pricing! 🙂

– Classic bookbindery cloth construction

– Newly upgraded baltic birch frame

– Classic moleskine closure

– Paperback wraparound for easy viewing

– Optional pockets!

– Three color choices:

– Evening Blue / Slate Gray

– Burgundy Wine / Harvest Wheat

– Forest Green / Khaki Tan


Installation is straightforward as you angle the iPad 2 into one end of the case catching the bumpers and then press the opposite end of the iPad 2 down into the College Edition. Make sure to leave the bookmark sticking out so you can pop the iPad 2 out quickly and easily.


CE12 CE13

The iPad 2 rests securely within the College Edition. Using the elastic strap keeps the case closed protecting the iPad 2 from the outside environment. One concern with the elastic strap is its durability, I have seen these types of straps pop out of their insertion sites or even snap on other moleskine cases, so this is always a possible issue.

In terms of protection the College Edition will keep the iPad 2 safe from mild to moderate trauma but does not seem designed for more intense impacts. Although it would probably protect the iPad 2 from severe trauma, the College Edition may not survive it.

All of the ports and buttons on the iPad 2 are accessible but the buttons are recessed somewhat into the case making access to the mute switch a little awkward.


CE15 CE16

Folding the cover back onto itself will give the case an angle for typing. Unlike the Contega case the College Edition does not function as a stand in any other position.



CE02 CE07 CE03 CE12


The College Edition iPad 2 case is an elegant looking offering from Pad&Quill. It lacks some of the features found in the slightly more expensive Octavo iPad 2 case such as smart cover capability and camera opening. Although I can live without the latter, the former is something I’ve grown quite used and can’t live without in my iPad 2 case. The ability to turn the iPad 2 on or off with a flip of a cover is an incredibly handy feature that I do not wish to lose.

Overall the appearance of the College Edition is an improvement over the other moleskine clone cases. However you are sacrificing some features for this more affordable model.





+Gorgeous Case
+Sophisticated appearance
+Quality construction

-Missing Smart Cover Capability
-Lacks Camera opening

Overall score-8-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-8-10

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