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As an obstacle course race enthusiast I often use a GoPro Hero to capture the day’s events. So when Polar Pro sent over The Combo – ProGrip & StrapMount I was excited to test this gear out as I was about to run Tough Mudder Long Island.

The Combo – ProGrip & StrapMount is a pairing of two of Polar Pro’s GoPro accessories. Obviously they can be used separately but like peanut butter and chocolate they go together perfectly as well.

The ProGrop is a grip handle for use with a GoPro camera, while the StrapMount allows the GoPro to be secured to any strap, backpack or scuba BCD. The ProGrip snaps and locks into the StrapMount allowing the user to not have to carry around the ProGrip when it is not in use.



The Combo arrives in a windowed cardboard black box with the accessories visualized within. Each of the accessories is shown on the back with descriptions of features. On the side of the box are pictures of the accessories in action.

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Inside the package we find the GoPro StrapMount, ProGrip, remote placeholder, quick release plate with two screws and two thumbscrews. Also included are quick start guides for the ProGrip and StrapMount.

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The ProGrip Is composed of sturdy black plastic with a rubbery grip material over the handle. This rubber material is textured on the front and has the Polar Pro logo on the back.

The upper portion of the ProGrip has an open section that allows it to house a GoPro Remote to be mounted flush with the Grip. Upon arrival the ProGrip has a remote place holder for those who will not be using a remote.

This top section can also eject from the main body to provide ultra-compact grip that easily fits in one’s pocket. A removable plate attaches to the back for use with the StrapMount.

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At its base is a water storage compartment, which can accommodate two additional GoPro batteries. The door of this compartment is insulated with a blue rubber and has slots on the inside for storing micro or mini SD cards.

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Just above the compartment door is an opening for insert the included wrist strap.

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The StrapMount is composed of two thick plastic pieces which lock together using large blue metallic thumb screws. The center of the mount has the opening for either the GoPro directly using the included clip mount or the ProGrip. On the top left corner is a metallic blue lever which locks the ProGrip or GoPro into place.

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Combo 22 Combo 23

Specifications and Features

The Combo – ProGrip & StrapMount

Works with all GoPro cameras

Includes ProGrip and StrapMount

Mount the ProGrip to any backpack, scuba bcd, or strap

Quick-release plate allows rapid grip installation/removal

Use StrapMount on its own for mounting a GoPro to any backpack

Use the ProGrip independently as a feature packed grip

Limited lifetime warranty


The Combo provides users with two innovative products, the StrapMount and the ProGrip. The ProGrip attaches to the StrapMount which secures the grip to any backpack, scuba bcd, or strap. When not filming simply lock the ProGrip into the StrapMount and keep your GoPro close and ready to use. Both products can also be used independently, the StrapMount will securely lock your GoPro to any backpack or strap for immersive POV footage. The ProGrip is a feature packed floating grip with dry storage for 2 batteries, a remote mount, and a durable rubber grip. Use The Combo on your next adventure and don’t get stuck holding your camera all day.

Price: $49.99 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review

To use the StrapMount with a backpack, scuba BCD or regular strap first remove the blue thumbscrews. Next place the back plate behind the strap making sure to align the back piece with the back plate. Then tighten the screws to clamp it down on the strap.

Attach your GoPro to the camera mount using the included thumbscrew. Next using the quick release system push the blue lever down, and then slide the camera into place. Returning the release lever back into the up/vertical position locks the camera plaice.

Combo 24 Combo 25


Polar Pro designed the StrapMount so it can be mounted horizontally or vertically which maximizes the ability to use the StrapMount.

For using the ProGrip attach the GoPro camera to the mount using the included thumbscrew. If using the GoPro remote remove the plastic placeholder from the mount and then slide the remote mount into the ProGrip slider tracks until it clicks into the locked position. To remove the remote mount press and hold the blue release button this allows the section to slide off

Combo 26 Combo 27


If using the ProGrip with the StrapMount you will need to install the included quick release plate onto the back of the ProGrip using the included screws. Now you can mount the ProGrip into the StrapMount for convenient access to the GoPro during activities.

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To test out the Polar Pro Combo I brought it out on the Tough Mudder Long Island course which I ran on July 23. I used a GoPro Hero Session with the Combo by attaching the StrapMount to a SpiBelt which I wore around my waist. Initially I was apprehensive about the ProGrip attached at my side like a holster but it actuality I was perfectly comfortably running with it on my hip.

When I needed to record an obstacle or other scene, I simply pressed down on the quick latch release system to release the ProGrip. The adjustable mount made positioning the GoPro simple and provided some unique shooting angles. Since I previously used a head mount during other Tough Mudder events with the ProGrip I was able to pass the camera around to team mates for different vantage points.

Combo 33 

Combo 34


Since one of my team members was running with an older GoPro Hero3, I was able to store a spare battery in the waterproof compartment inside the ProGrip handle. This came in handy as his battery was dying on the latter part of the course. The compartment kept the battery dry although the rubber blue SD card holder that doubled as the seal popped off a couple of times but was easily reinserted.

During water events the Combo was able to stay in place when not in use with the StrapMount. The ProGrip was buoyant and kept my GoPro from sinking although I did keep a camera floaty on for secondary protection.

While some people online have mentioned that the StrapMount would dig into the user’s shoulder at times, I did not experience that problem with it attached at my hip.

One quibble I had with the ProGrip is that mud gets caught in a lot of the crevices and spaces on the handle of the grip and is tough to clean afterwards. But otherwise this accessory is solidly built and designed for action.

Combo 35


GoPro accessories are an important part of getting the most out of the action camera. Some accessories are pretty standard while others vary in quality. There are cheap strap mounts and floatation grips out there and often times “you get what you pay for”. PolarPro has put quality into their products and that is readily apparent with the Combo. The StrapMount and ProGrip are sold separately but getting them as a combo is probably the smart choice as you will be using them at some point with your GoPro.

I know that the PolarPro Combo will be joining me for numerous adventures to come.

+Mount horizontally or vertically
+Waterproof storage compartment
+Compatible with GoPro Smart Remote
+Lifetime Warranty
+Light weight
+Sleek design
+Buoyant with camera

-Non Extendable
-Rubber SD card holder easily pop out of waterproof compartment
-Dirt gets caught in spaces on the ProGrip

score-10-10 Recommended


Scores Out of 10
Design / Aestheticscore-10-10
Value / Pricescore-10-10
Performance / Usagescore-10-10

Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only for free or at a discounted price.

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