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The HTC One was recently released on Verizon and I thought it might be a good time to maybe take a look at another case for it. The HTC One battery life is great from my experience but it might not be the same for others, it all depends on your usage. You can buy external batteries of course but a case with one built-in is a better option I think and from what I’ve seen there really aren’t many to choose from. Mobile Fun carries plenty of HTC One accessories and they sent a battery case over for review, it’s called the Power Jacket and it has a 3800mAh battery in it that should provide one full charge for the HTC One and have a little power left over for emergency uses. The case has a flip cover on it to protect the screen and it also has two spaces for credit cards or your ID so you can travel light if need be. So read on…





The box is kind of plain and I’m not sure why there’s a sticker on it that says HTC One (China and Japan) as it should work anywhere. The box does have a window on the front to see the front of the case and some specs and features listed on the back.

htcbattery1 htcbattery2


The front of the case does have a cut-out for the top speaker. the specs don’t say is the front of the case is leather, and I’m not sure it but it does have a very faint leather scent to it and it looks like leather.



The back is a carbon fiber style plastic casing. It is textured and feels nicely made. Overall the entire product feels well made.



On the back you’ll find a nice large cut-out for the camera and flash. There’s also a built-in kickstand and under it you’ll find the hole for the secondary microphone.

htcbattery5 htcbattery6


On the bottom edge is the power switch and the charging port which uses the standard microUSB connection, the same thing that came with the HTC One. No they don’t include a cable as you’ll have one with your phone anyway.



The front of the case is actually just a flap really but it is a rather stiff cover so it will offer good protection for the phone inside I would think.



On the inside of the flap cover you’ll find two slots of credit cards and or driver license so you can really travel light if need be.



The back of the inside of the case is covered with a very soft felt material so it won’t mark the back of the HTC One. On the top is small clip that helps to hold the phone securely in place.



In the middle is an identification label with some specs listed, the battery is a 3800mAH in size. How much more usage you’ll get depends on what you’re using the external battery for. According to the specs you’ll get up to 480 hours of standby time, up to 6 hours of talk time, up to 10 hours of wi-fi usage, up to 36 hours of audio time and up to 10 hours of video playback time. I’m guessing the most important one there is the talk time and I think six hours extra is fairly decent. There really aren’t many battery cases like this out there for the HTC One, but there are a few. I looked on Amazon and found some selling for more and some selling for less. The Mophie for example is $99.99 and it only has a 2500mAh battery in it. I also found one brand name of i-Blason which is $65 and also has a 2500mAH battery. I found another from Chromo which sells for $37 and only has a 2200mAh battery inside of it. I found a few more with prices higher and lower and with batteries mostly lower than the Power Jacket I have for review today.



On the bottom is the microUSB connection with three battery level indicators and a button.



Here’s another view of the microUSB connection, it’s placed so that it lines up with the port on the HTC One.



If you press the button it will let you know the battery level or status and it seems to go in thirds.




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