Review of QPAU Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Google Cardboard DIY Kit

VR or Virtual Reality is big and Google Cardboard is leading the way as it’s very inexpensive and this low price let’s everyone get in on the fun surely. Yes I have a more expensive Samsung Gear VR t hat I like as well, but Google Cardboard has it’s place and you need a good set of them. Today for review I’ve got a set of Google Cardboard glasses from a company called QPAU and these are different in that they don’t have a magnetic button or switch they actually have a touch sensitive button on them and they even come with a soft head strap and they can be folded back up for portability. All in all these are the nicest set of Google Cardboard glasses that I’ve bought or reviewed so far. Read on to learn more..

Specifications and Features

qpau1 qpau2 

qpau3 qpau4


When you slide the glasses out of the cover they look very small as they need to be opened up and expanded or unfolded and then re-folded to the correct shape. The lenses have plastic covers of them for protection that you’ll of couse need to remove before using the glasses.


qpau6 qpau7 


The top flap is what you need to unfold and then you’ll notice velcro on the top and the flap. You then unfold the two flaps inside and then fold them over toward the back forming the sides and top of the glasses, or the part you’ll look though. The large front flap that you unfolded is actually the front of the glasses where your mobile phone would sit.



On the bottom is a QR code so you can scan it into the Google cardboard app to get the profile of these glasses to make sure it works correctly. When you scan the code you’ll see the viewer is the Cardboard I/O 2015 from Google profile. Tucked inside of the glasses is a long soft piece of velcro that’s used for the head strap, it’s about 16.6 inches long and it’s elastic.


qpau10 qpau9


On both sides you’ll find two long strip of velcro, part is for the strap and the other part is used in assembling the glasses. The strap attaches to the velcro on the sides where the rectangular horizontal strip is and I have to say it’s very soft and comfortable. It’s velcro so it’s very easy to adjust to the size you’ll need.

qpau12 qpau13


The most unique thing about this set of Google cardboard glasses is the fact that it doesn’t have a magnet but it has a touchpad of sorts, it’s a capacitive pad that links down inside of the glasses so when you press down it touches the phone inside.



Once assembled the velcro does a great job of holding the glasses together so you probably won’t need tape or glue like you might with some sets of Google cardboard.


I used these glasses with my Samsung Galaxy S6 and had no issues, it took me a minute or so to figure out how the touch sensor worked, I thought you just touched it, you actually have to push like a button and it works great. The Galaxy S6 fit perfectly in the glasses, not really any light bleeding through as instead of being wide open like other glasses there are round holes for the screen to show through which helps to keep the light out from the sides.




I have a new favorite set of Google Cardboard glasses now and these are just very much worth the cost and they’re inexpensive compared to others really so that just makes them all the more worthwhile.

I have two other Google cardboard sets, one from Knoxlabs and one from Kollea and the QPAU is the nicest of them in my opinion. I really love the touch sensor instead of the magnet as it really does work and it’s just better than the magnet system I think.

The only real complaint I have is that the nose piece is sharp but I’ve found that to be the same on the other cardboard sets I own, a small piece of electrical or masking tape can fix the problem quickly and easily for sure.


+Touch button not magnet
+Includes soft adjustable head strap
+Very easy to assemble
+Includes carrying case of a sort
+Clear and no issues with lenses

-Sharp nose area

score-9-10 Recommended


Scores Out of 10
Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-8-10
Value / Price score-10-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10

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