Review of Salt Lamp Imports Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Rock Crystal Lamp

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Lamps and lights, I like them, I use them for what else but light but there are other lamps out there that are supposed to be beneficial and that’s what I had today for review. The product is a Himalayan pink salt rock crystal lamp that is supposed to be helpful and beneficial for your health, it supposedly purifies the air by releasing negative ions into the atmosphere. I’m not sure if it does all that, I’m not sure how well it purifies the air but I know it looks really nice. Read on to learn more…

Specifications and Features

Salt Lamp Imports Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Rock Crystal Lamp 3 to 5 KG with Wooden Base, Cord, and Bulb

Salt Lamp Imports’ Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp is a wonderful addition to any home. The soothing glow of a salt lamp enhances the mood, while the negative ions produced by the salt reduce allergens and improve air quality. Each lamp is a unique addition to your décor as no other real salt lamp is identical in shape, color, pattern, size or weight. The color ranges from a light pink to a deep red and some have multiple shades in a single rock of salt. The lamp sits on a Neem wood base, which is a special wood known to resist insects. Pink Himalayan Salt is the most sought after salt in the world, having special properties due to the high mineral content. In fact, the pink color derives from the presence of iron in the salt. Pink Himalayan salt is known to contain over 30 different minerals and mined from some of the oldest salt deposits in the world, dating back to a time when the Himalayan Mountains were at the bottom of the ocean. This salt has been sealed away from toxins and pollutants longer than man has walked the Earth. Electromagnetic radiation, like that emanating from you computer, TV, or cell phone, produces a positive ionic charge in the atmosphere. A positive ion-charged atmosphere is not conducive to happy, healthy living. Think how good the air feels after a thunderstorm, near the ocean, or in the shower. That is due to the negative ions in the air that are cleansing and rejuvenating. Moving water is similar to a salt lamp in that it creates a negative ionic charge in the atmosphere. Salt lamps create these negative ions through a process in which the salt is exposed to the heat of the lamp and ionization occurs, creating a cleaner, calmer environment and purifying the surrounding air by removing many of the allergens that impact your family and pets. Pink salt lamps are ideal as a night light, as accent lighting, or mood lighting for your home or office. Salt lamps are a safe alternative to candles as a way to create ambience and inspire romance.

-Real Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Rock Crystal Lamps; not machine made, molded from table salt, or dyed to change color
-Mined by hand in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains
-Lamps range in hue from light pink to a dark pink that can appear reddish orange when lit; beautiful and calming
-Purifies the surrounding air and improves the immediate environment by releasing negative ions into the surrounding atmosphere when lit
-Each lamp is a piece of a natural rock formation and is unique in pattern, color, shape and weight; Pink Himalayan Salt rocks are crafted to allow the insertion of a UL approved lamp, cord assembly, and bulb (included)

Price: $21.97 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review

Let’s start with a video unboxing and then move on:


The lamp comes in a colorful box with some information listed on it, inside the lamp is well wrapped in bubble wrap for protection and then the lamp is sealed in plastic as well which you have to cut and/or rip off.


saltlamp2 saltlamp3


Since these are natural products they do vary in what they look like, they’re shape and size and weight which can be anywhere from 3-5kgs or up to about 11lbs. The one I got for review is big and very heavy, I was really surprised by just how heavy it was when I picked it up. I use Himalayan pink sea salt in my cooking, this is a bit different I think, I don’t think it’s food grade but it’s still a large block of salt essentially. The lamp has a wooden base which is made of Neem, I’ve never heard of Neem wood before so I looked it up and found it’s in the Mahogany family. The lamp I received is a bout 9.25 inches high and about 5.25 inches wide at its widest point. The salt crystal is shaped irregularly so that’s just the basic measurements I took.


saltlamp5 saltlamp6 

saltlamp7 saltlamp8


Inside of the base is the light fixture and then the bulb is in a box and then wrapped in styrofoam for protection during shipping. The fixture has springs on each side that hold it inside of the lamp, it’s simple to install and remove as needed. Inline there is a basic switch, just on and off, but that’s all that’s needed really.

saltlamp9 saltlamp10


The crystal is large but the light shines through it very well, much more than I expected really. I have the lamp in my downstairs hallway when we come in the house and it lights up the area fairly well, at least good enough to see to find the light switch. The lamp looks very nice when lit up for sure, it makes a very nice presentation. It makes for a very nice night light.

saltlamp11 saltlamp12 

saltlamp13 saltlamp14



First off I have to say that from what I read there’s no real evidence that these lamps do anything beneficial or healthy, but that doesn’t mean don’t buy one in my opinion, they look very nice for sure.

The Salt Lamp Imports Himalayan salt crystal lamp looks very nice and it’s bright enough to use as a lamp to see by. The lamp kind of resembles a candle and it can make for an attractive way to create a nice atmosphere in your home.

So the salt lamp is nice looking and it’s well made and it really look nice but I’m not sure about the health benefits. Ignoring the health claims though, the lamp looks nice and it works well in terms of lighting and it would look nice in your home or on your desk.

+Looks very nice
+Supposedly beneficial to health
+Large size

-Not sure about health benefit claims

score-9-10 Recommended


Scores Out of 10
Design / Aestheticscore-9-10
Value / Pricescore-10-10
Performance / Usagescore-9-10

Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only for free or at a discounted price.

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