Review of Speck Candyshell for iPhone 5

Over the past several years Speck has become one of the preeminent brands for Apple device accessories. With the introduction of the iPhone 5, Speck has released versions of their products to fit the newest Cupertino designed phone. The Candyshell line is probably Speck’s most popular model as I see that style case on more iPhones than most any other brand or style. Recently I review at the Candyshell01 Candyshell02

Removing the case is a simple process as the back of the package flips down for ease extraction. Speck offers numerous color choices for the latest iPhone. Each version is two toned; for today’s review we will look at the black/grey model.

Candyshell03 Candyshell04


Composition wise the Speck Candyshell is made of a soft TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) for the inner portion of the case and protective button covers, while the outer shell is made of a hard polycarbonate plastic. This gives the Candyshell as strong exterior while providing some cushion for the iPhone 5 from any impacts with the rubbery inside material.

Candyshell06 Candyshell07 


You will find openings for the headphone jack, camera and Lightning connector. TPE protected buttons cover the volume controls and the power button. The inside of the case has a dimpled texture with the Speck logo on the bottom half and an opening for the camera. The back of the case has another Speck logo with a piano black finish.

Candyshell09 Candyshell10 


The grey TPE can be seen in the corners of the back and framing the front of the Candyshell case.




Since the case is "bendy" and "flexible" it is simple to apply or remove the case to the iPhone 5. Removing the case involves pressing the back of the Speck logo and prying the corners of the CandyShell fo the iPhone 5.

If you have had a Candyshell case on a previous Apple device then this version will seem very familiar. The case is light and feels thinner but that may be in part due to the iPhone 5’s new dimensions and mass. The outer shell is tough enough to keep the iPhone 5 safe from most bumps and jostles. This case is not designed for harsh environments but more for everyday average use.

Like any good iPhone case, the opening to all of the phone’s connectors and buttons are easily accessible. The raised TPE covered button overlays keep the iPhone 5 safe from the occasional water splash. Speaker and microphone holes are found adjacent to the Lightning connector port opening.


 Candyshell14 Candyshell15


Holding the Candyshell covered iPhone 5 is comfortable as the case has a nice feel in one’s hands. The front of the case wraps over the iPhone 5’s front bezel to keep it safe if resting the device face down on a table. Of course using a screen protector is always advised as the screen is otherwise exposed to the world.

The opening to the Lightning connector is easily accessible with the Apple cable. Although once Lightning enable docks and speakers become more prevalent then this version of the Candyshell may impede using those types of devices and you may want to consider the Candyshell Flip.

My one criticism is that the glossy outer plastic attracts fingerprints and tends to scuff and scratch up rather quickly. Since the job of the Candyshell is to protect the iPhone 5 that may not bother some folks but may frustrate other folks.

Candyshell01 Candyshell04 Candyshell08 Candyshell13



Once again Speck has released another well-designed product that works as advertised. Speck did not do much to change the Candyshell case for the iPhone 5 since it is already an excellent case.

Aesthetically there are numerous colors and styles to fit almost everyone’s personal preference. Speck products can be found in most online and brick and mortar stores making it easy to purchase and protect your newest Apple device. If you are looking for a stylish and well constructed case to protect your iPhone 5 then look no further than the Speck Candyshell.




+Well designed
+Thinner, lighter build
+Numerous color options
+Quality build and construction

-Screen protector not included
-Glossy finish scratches easily


Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

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