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Laws they be a changing, and fighting the laws is just a rather fruitless and frustrating  adventure I think. I know in my state there’s a law that just went into effect that basically says you can’t use your phone at all except with a hands-free device and that can be with a headset or something like a speakerphone. Today for review I’ve got the SuperTooth HD which is a Bluetooth speakerphone, but it’s much more than that as it can actually be your very own personal assistant. The SuperTooth HD is probably the most sophisticated or most advanced Bluetooth accessory that I’ve ever seen really. This product is mostly controlled by voice command for true hands-free access and communication, so read on…

The SuperTooth HD comes in a plastic display style box with specs and features listed on the back.

super1 super2

Inside you’ll find the SuperTooth HD, USB cable, car adapter, quick start guide, assistant information and support info.


The car power adapter seems to be a regular or standard USB adapter so I’m sure you can use it with other things as well.


The SuperTooth HD is black with a metallic plate in the center of it. The device seems very well made, it’s much heavier than you’d expect it to be as it is a rather small device.

super5 super11

On the back you’ll find a strong metal clip to attach the SuperTooth HD to the visor in your car. The clip is attached tot eh SuperTooth HD with magnets actually, so you can leave the clip on your visor and that the SUperTooth HD with you if need be.


super7 super8

The knob looking thing is a knob for volume controls, then there’s a power button and a messaging button below that. There are two LED indicators for Bluetooth and battery as well, and that’s about it.


The speaker is located on what I would think is the bottom and there’s also a microphone here.


On the top end of the SuperTooth HD is another microphone, yes it has two microphone for noise cancelling capabilities.



SuperTooth HD

HandsFree Assistant: Compose and send SMS, emails and much more, all via voice!

Clip, connect, drive!
The SuperTooth HD is a Bluetooth car speakerphone. It links wirelessly by Bluetooth with your phone and allows you to have hands-free calls while driving. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel! The SuperTooth HD doesn’t require any installation. Just attach it to your car’s sun visor via its durable, magnetic clip and enjoy hands-free calls while driving!

The Bluetooth speakerphone you will hear from afar. Features Twin Speaker V Array Technology for enhanced audio power. Twin speaker V array technology The SuperTooth HD has two speakers with a 5 Watt audio output and a 5.4 Watt amplifier.

2 is better!!
The most advanced technology for an outstanding quality of emission and reception.
-Dual speaker
-Dual noise canceller ( DSP )
-Dual microphone

Perfectly user-friendly: A big, rotary button to keep your “hands free” as much as possible.
Volume DOWN: Easy and quick access – just turn the button left to decrease volume.   
Volume UP: Easy and quick access – just turn the button right to increase volume.   
Voice commands: Easy and quick access – just press the button to access voice commands menu.   
Redial command: Easy and quick access – just press the button for 3 seconds to redial the last number.

Size and weight
Height: 125 mm
Width: 59 mm
Depth: 25 mm
Weight: 112 grams / 135 grams (with metal clip)

Battery life
Talk time: 20 hours
Stand-by time: 1,000 hours
Charging time: 3 hours
Battery type: Lithium-Ion

MSRP Price: $129.99

Price: $61.17 (From Amazon at time of review)

The first thing you’ll need to do is charge the SuperTooth HD which is done over Blueooth so it’s takes a little while. When it arrived to me it was actually partially charged but it should take about 3 hours for normal charging time. The talk—time is about 20 hours and I can tell you I never even come close to that in a month so even after using it a few times there’s plenty or battery left.

When in use the SuperTooth HD lights up and then turns off when you’re not using it. The pairing indicator will blink blue every so often though.



I used the SuperTooth HD with my HTC Titan and had no problems pairing it. You can pair or connect it with two phones at once for usage but it can be paired with up to eight devices in total. Once connected the SuperTooth HD will sync with your phone, your contacts will be stored in the SuperTooth HD at all times.

The idea of the SuperTooth HD is to attach the clip to your visor then the magnets hold it in place. The magnets are very powerful actually and it never moved as I was driving, you’ve got to really pull on it to release it from the magnetic grip.



You can orient the SuperTooth HD either way as far as I can tell, the speaker can be facing you or not. The only difference really is that the writing will be upside down if you have the speaker facing you.

When you turn it on it talks! It’s a bit disconcerting at first but you get accustomed to it after a while sort of, I’m still not exactly happy with the robotic sounding female voice it has. I would much prefer something a bit more soft and sexy! Yes it’s a female voice which is fine for me as I’m a guy, but women might not be happy wit it and I really didn’t see a way to change the gender unless I missed it.

The call quality is very good overall, the volume can get super loud and I mean this thing is loud! The SuperTooth HD features two speakers with a five watt audio output with a 5.4 watt audio amplifier which is just overkill for something this small but you’ll never not hear a conversation again that’s for sure. You can drive with the radio on, windows down and you’ll still be able to hear the other person. it also features dual microphones for noise cancellation so your caller won’t hear your radio or the sounds outside and they’ll only hear you talking basically. It all works very well together to create an excellent calling experience for both parties. It does get loud and at extreme volumes it can get slightly distorted. if your phone supports it you can actually play your music from your phone right on the SuperTooth HD which is pretty cool.

The voice recognition works very well, but it’s sort of limited in that you can only really use the pre-programmed commands and you can’t just say ‘Call Tom’ as it won’t know what to do as it doesn’t know who the heck Tom is! There are plenty of voice commands built-in and you can customize a few of them.

Here’s the list of commands:

* Check battery        
* Am I connected?        
* What can I say?        
* Voice dial        
* Redial last number   
* Call home        
* Call office        
* Call voicemail        
* Call emergency        
* Call contact 1
* Call contact 2
* Call contact 3
* Call contact 4
* Call contact 5
* Cancel
* Answer
* Reject
* Ignore

The ‘Call Contact’ commands are the ones that can be customized, here you can add ‘Tom’ but just not his name, to call him you would have to say ‘Call Contact 1’ or whichever number you assign him. This actually involves creating new contacts in your phone book for these people that you want to call. Like if I wanted Tom to be my number one contact it would be .1Tom for him, then you’d do the same for the rest of the contact like .2Mike and .3Sara and so on until you finished. you’ll have to do the same for home, office, emergency and voicemail. So there is a little bit of setup involved in using the SuperTooth HD. Once you’re done adding these on your phone then you’ll need to re-sync it with the SuperTooth HD as it stored your phonebook. The commands like Voice Dial and Redial also have to be supported by your phone to be able to be used.

The SuperTooth HD is much more than a speakerphone, it can be your own personal assistant and I mean this thing can do pretty much everything and you do it all by voice command. You can send text messages by just speaking or send, listen and reply to emails or post to or listen to tweets on Twitter. If you’re on Facebook you can even post updates to it just by talking. You can create and mange event reminders along with audio notes with Evernote. The assistant can also tell you the weather, the news, sports scores or check on your finances just by using your voice and telling the assistant what to do. There’s plenty of other things the assistant can do as well.

The Hands Free Assistant feature is cool but it’s free for only six months, then you’ll need to choose between Basic or Pro versions. The basic is $3.99/month or $39.99/year, the Pro version is $5.99/month or $59.99/year. There’s differences between them of course like with basic you don’t get that much really, no weather, no reminders, no news, sports or finance. If you’re actually going to use it then I think it’s worth going the Pro route for the assistant.

super1 super3 super5 super11 

The SuperTooth HD is, at this point in time, one of the best Bluetooth speakerphone son the market in my opinion. On this site and the other site I write for an own I’ve tested quite a number of them and I have ta say I’ve yet to comes across one that is as feature rich as the SuperTooth HD. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speakerphone that does everything, this is it seriously. If does what it’s supposed to do and much more, you could probably fire your secretary if you got one of these! Just kidding on the last part as I wouldn’t want anyone to lose their job, but yes it can do so much for you, it can make your smartphone even smarter and make you more productive and safe and legal on the roads.

Yes the SuperTooth HD is an excellent device but it’s not without some small issues like limited voice commands and the fact that you’ll need to pay monthly or yearly to really use all of its features. This whole subscription thing is not the greatest honestly I think. Technology is constantly changing and evolving and I’m sure SuperTooth will be coming out with a newer and better version in the future for the SuperTooth HD. My question of course is would ou be able to transfer your subscription to the new device? if you could that would be awesome, if you can’t well than that’s not awesome at all.


+Tons of features
+Well made
+Clear and loud volume
+Long battery life
+Very good voice recognition
+Nice large volume knob
+Fairly easy to use

-Must pay for subscription to use all features
-At high volume it gets slightly distorted
-Limited voice commands
-MSRP is very high compared to retail


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