Review of Veho Pebble Smartstick Emergency Charger

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Specifications and Features

Veho Pebble Smartstick Emergency Charger – Black

Keep your smartphone’s battery topped up with this small and compact universal emergency battery pack by Veho, designed to charge virtually any small mobile device.

Keep your phone charged wherever you are
With mobile phones being able to do loads more its important to ensure that your battery is always charged so you are able to take that important call, reply to that urgent text message or send an email. The Veho Pebble Smartstick will charge your portable device on the move without the need for mains power. Small and light enough to carry around in your bag, the Pebble Smartstick portable emergency charger will provide your mobile device with up to one additional charge.

Small, discreet and reusable
Designed to be small and compact and stylish, the Veho battery pack is incredibly slim and can be easily taken with you wherever you go. Furthermore, it can be recharged itself using the USB charging point so you can quickly and easily charge it up by plugging in your car charger or connecting it your PC or laptop. This enables you to always be sure that you’ve got that emergency power for when you need it.

2200mA capacity is enough to fully charge most mobile devices
An outstanding feature of the Veho portable charger is that it has a battery capacity of 2200mA, which means you can use it to fully charge almost any supported smartphone (see included adapters below)

Includes charging adapters for iPhone, micro USB, mini USB, Sony Ericsson and Nokia
Included with the battery pack are charging adapters for the iPhone, micro USB devices, mini USB devices, Sony Ericsson mobiles as well as Nokia models. This means that it is ideal for Apple devices, Blackberrys, Samsung mobile phones and Nokia mobile phones among many others.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 2200mAh @ 3.7V
DC-IN: 5V/500mA
DC-OUT: 5V/500mA
Dimensions: 22mm (w) x 86mm (l)
Weight: 70g


Manufacturer Product Page:

The Veho pebble Smartstick was provided by Mobile Fun for review where you can find all sorts of mobile phone accessories and much, much more.

  7 comments for “Review of Veho Pebble Smartstick Emergency Charger

  1. Mike Bennett
    July 1, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    I guess they assume your device will let you know its being charged so they didn’t waste parts and cost on something to show you the same thing on the pebble. I have no problem with that. I wish they would’ve had the red LED show when the pebble is charging, like most devices, and blue when the pebble is charged. Oh well, personal preference.

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