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Don’t you hate it when your headphones or earphones get all tangled together? I know I hate it with a passion and many companies have come out with anti tangle style cords but nothing comes close to what I have to show you today. The earphones for review today are called Zippit and they’re from a company called Thumbs Up and what makes them unique is a zipper that connects the right and left sides of the cords together. Yes it has a real zipper you just zip up and down as needed and it really works to keep them tangle free. Being tangle free is a good thing but it’s not all you want in a set of headphones right? Read on to learn more..





We’ll start with an unboxing because we just have to, I can’t really show you these and how they work without a video, so here it is:


The box is clear plastic and you can see them headphones and the zipper right through it, there’s some very basic specs and features listed on the back in several languages.

zip1 zip2


Inside you’ll find the headphones and extra earbud covers in a clear plastic tray for storage.

zip3 zip4


They do come with a large set of earbud covers already installed and you’ll find a smaller set on the side for you.



Here are the headphones spread out and they’re long at 130cm or about 51 inches long. These are some of the longest I’ve ever seen. The entire cord plastic, it’s a zipper, this does make it much heavier than any other headphones I’ve come across.



On the very end you’ll find the zipper stop and then a cloth coved couple inches that ends in the 3.5mm audio connector.



Here are the earphones themselves, the housing is plastic and they’re fairly lightweight. One thing I noticed about these, or actually didn’t notice, is that there are no labels for right and left on the earphones. I would guess you can tell right and left by having the actual zipper facing up and that should position the headphones in right and left when you wear them.



The big feature of these headphones is the zipper, and it works just like the zipper on your jacket or bag. Unzip it to where you need it and it will stay there, when you’re done just zip it all back together for storage.

zip6 zip10


Here it is all unzipped for you, just thought I should include this picture..







Specifications and Features

Zippit 3.5mm Anti-Tangle Earphones

Zipper style design eradicates the tangles you get in your headphones
Are you sick of having to constantly untangle your headphones when you need to use them? Well the Anti-Tangle headphones from Zippit are the perfect accessory for you. Featuring a unique zipper style cable, you can easily zip the cable up to prevent tangles and also give you maximum comfort whilst listening to your music.

The Zippit headphone gives you the freedom of deciding where to zip the headphones up to so you decide where’s most comfortable for you.

Comfortable cushioned fit with different sized ear tips included
The Zippit earphones come with 2 different sized silicone ear tips. This gives you a choice of different sizes to suit your ears giving you a more comfortable listening experience.

Zip up the cable to a length that suits you
The adjustable zip gives you more control over your headphones. If you’re listening to your music with a friend, unzip the cord all the way down and you can both share one pair of headphones. If you’ve finished listening to your music – zip the cord all the way to the top and it prevents tangles.

3.5mm audio plug works with most smartphones and MP3 players
The earphones come with an attached 3.5mm audio jack with is designed to work with the majority of smartphones, MP3 players, tablet and laptops/PC computers. This means that even if you change your device, the Zippit headphones can still be your number 1 choice of earphones.

Price: £11.95 / $19.33

The Zippit headphones were provided by Love Cases for review where you can find all sorts of things including iPod Touch 5G Cases and much more.



Usage and Testing


For testing I listened to music on my HTC One and my ZuneHD:

zip12 zip13



Well these aren’t the most comfortable to wear. The first thing I noticed is that when I pushed them into my ears the plastic of the headphones inside of the bud covers hit the inside of my ears, not what I call comfortable for sure.

The weight is the other issue, the cord is basically thick plastic and that makes it heavy and it tends to pull them from your ears. Any activity really just like walking will make them come out of your ears, the weight of cable will pull them out. Some earphones you can put in your ears and then wrap the cords up and over the back of your ears to hold them in place, the plastic zipper is not comfortable for doing this at all so that’s not really and option here.


Sound Quality:

Once you get them jammed in your ears, they do sound nice and full in terms of all around sound, not the sound quality.

They do really have no treble or bass to them at all. I tried different types of music, bass heavy and treble heavy and there really was no distinction at all.


On thing I was surprised about is that there isn’t much cord noise at all from these, since they’re plastic I was expecting more, but no just a little bit that’s really barely noticeable when you’re listening to music.

As far as noise reduction, with the music playing they do reduce outside noise very well surprisingly.

The zipper is the unique feature on these and it does work most of the time, like any zipper it does get stuck at times but they are anti-tangle, that does work very well.







So if you’re looking for a very unique set of headphones then these are what you want surely. I’ve never seen zipper headphones before and the zipper works.

If you’re looking for good sound quality, you might want to go somewhere else.

As a novelty item these are kind of cool, but for listening to music, no not really, unless of course you happen to like rather flat sounding music. These would be great for kids, my kids think they’re just awesome.

These headphones are less than $20 and for that price they’re not bad, for that price you’re not going to expect studio quality ear monitors. The anti-tangle feature does work that’s for sure and they certainly are unique and great conversation starter.

On a personal note I wouldn’t use them, but when you’ve used $300 headphones it’s hard to use something so inexpensive really. As I said, my kids think these are just awesome, now I just have to figure out which of the three of them these go to…






+Very unique design
+Truly are anti-tangle
+Seem well made overall

-Not great sounding at all
-Zipper makes them heavy
-Not very comfortable
-Virtually no treble
-Virtually no bass

Overall score-7-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-8-10
Performance / Usage score-5-10

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