Review of C6 Magnefix Bookcase Case for iPad mini

It’s Sunday, time for another iPad mini case review. Today’s review item is the Magnefix Bookcase from C6 a company with an environmentally friendly spin. Their company name originates from the sixth element on the periodic table – carbon the element required for life on Earth. With a name like that they have decided to be environmentally and socially conscious.





Their packaging seems to reflect this mindset as the Magnefix Bookcase arrives on a simple cardboard sleeve using 100% recycled cardboard and plastic. The front shows the positions an iPad mini can sit at using the case. On the back is a list of C6’s mission statements. Inside the environmentally friendly packaging is just the case by itself.

Bookcase 01 Bookcase 02

The case weighs 136 grams and is composed of polycarbonate and TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane). The Magnefix Bookcase is available in graphite/raspberry, stone/sunshine, black/aqua and black/graphite. For our review we will look at the black/graphite model.

The front cover is divided into three sections to help it function as a stand and is lined with magnets, which give the case an Apple Smart Cover capability meaning the iPad mini will wake, or sleep depending on whether the cover is opened or closed.

Looking at the back of the Magnefix Bookcase we see an opening for the iPad mini’s camera and the C6 logo on the bottom right corner.

Bookcase 03

 Bookcase 04 Bookcase 05

Opening the folio case we find the interior is graphite colored with a micro-fiber material designed to keep the screen clean and protected. Another C6 logo is found in the center of the inside cover.

Bookcase 06

 Bookcase 07 Bookcase 08

The shell for the iPad mini has the requisite openings for the headphone jack, microphone, power button, mute switch, volume controls and Lightning connector. There are small grills for the speakers.

Bookcase 09

 Bookcase 10 Bookcase 11





Specifications and Features

C6: Magnefix Bookcase

Minimalistic, stylish iPad mini case with patent-pending integrated magnetic design for reliable support

Intuitively designed for your digital life, the Magnefix Bookcase provides secure protection in a sleek silhouette with an unexpected pop of color

Firm magnets camouflaged in the Bookcase’s slim frame allow the cover to auto-locate and securely snap into place when folded over

Crafted with durable polycarbonate and lined with a soft microfiber that cleans and protects when screen is closed

Provides easy access to all ports and controls, with the option to prop up your iPad Mini in either viewing or typing positions

The C6 Magnefix book case is a clean simple intuitive case which provides all round protection for your iPad Mini along with a revolutionary, patent pending magnetic locating system for its cover.

When you fold the cover to the back of the case it auto-locks into the perfect position with a satisfying snap. The magnets auto-locate the cover on the back of the case in the perfect position to create the stand and still put iPad to sleep in closed position. Both the viewing and typing modes are nice and secure.

The case is manufactured from high grade polycarbonate and then overmolded with a premium TPU. The inner fabric is a tight flock micro-fibre which not only looks great, but cleans and protects the screen.

Price: $58.16



Installation and Usage

Installation is simple as on the edges of the shell is a rubbery material, which allows the iPad mini to be placed in the Magnefix Bookcase with relative ease. Removal involves peeling the case off the Apple tablet.

Once in the Magnefix Bookcase holds the iPad mini tightly in place. The front cover stays firmly in place due to the built in magnets and there is a small notch on the right side of the case to lift the cover up. It took a few days of using the case to get used to this notch opening as other smart cover type cases easily flip open by grabbing the cover’s edge. Since the cover sits slightly recessed in the back shell section keeping the case securely closed.

Bookcase 12

 Bookcase 13 Bookcase 14

C6 designed the Magnefix Bookcase to be low profile keeping the iPad mini profile intact. It is lightweight, similar in size to the Tech21 Impact Snap, which we reviewed earlier this year.

All of the controls are accessible with the case in place. The front cover folders over to act as a stand for horizontal viewing or down for typing mode. When folding the cover into position for horizontal viewing the magnets on the cover lock it into place. Once set down I had no problems with the stand staying in position. For typing simply flip the orientation of the iPad mini.

Bookcase 15

 Bookcase 16 Bookcase 17

The back of the case has an opening for the camera for those who like to take pictures and videos with their iPad mini.

Bookcase 18


In terms of protection, the Magnefix Bookcase looks like it would protect from most mild to moderate falls and trauma like most folio style cases would.







The Magnefix Bookcase is an excellent choice for those looking for a folio style iPad mini case. It provides smart cover capability and functions as a stand. Unlike other cases, the cover stays down until you are ready to lift it off the iPad mini. While C6 is a relatively new Apple accessory maker their iPad mini case the Magnefix Bookcase is a solid first case design and definitely worth the investment to protect one’s Apple tablet.





+Low profile
+Smart Cover Function
+Cover stays down until ready to be opened
+Colorful options available

-Slightly more expensive than other folio style cases

Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10

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