Speck Products TuckPack Sleeve


Netbooks and notebooks are great products as we all know, but like anygadget we need to protect them as well. Speck Products has just come out with a new line of sleeves for our smaller sized computers called the TuckPack. The TuckPack Sleeve I have for review today is one that fits up to 13” notebooks or netbooks in size, it’s very well made and features a very well padded compartment for your notebook. It also has a second smaller compartment to take a few things with you and a shoulder strap as well. The Tuckpack is a great way to take just what you need with you when you don’t have the need for a larger bag.

There’s no special packaging for the TuckPack, just a plastic bag.


I received a TuckPack that is black and gray in color with a checkerboard pattern.

DSCF5928 DSCF5929

On the back of the sleeve you’ll find two small pocket on each side, in those you’ll find the clips for the included shoulder strap.

DSCF5930 DSCF5935

The TuckPack features velcro as the closure, a large strip of it run the length of the front under the top flap. When I opened the TuckPack I was greeted with a bright neon green interior.


The TuckPack features two compartments actually, one in the front that is also secured by velcro for files, or accessories and the larger, padded compartment for your netbook or notebook.


The larger compartment for your notebook is padded very well, with a soft material that won’t scratch your notebook.



TuckPack Sleeve

Don’t run with the (notebook) pack…
For Notebooks (up to 13″)

Small and sleek yet loud and proud, TuckPack is your perfect solution to light, safe laptop travel! Cool quilted padding and extra-plush microfleece notebook compartment keeps your Laptop and a few important documents snug and secure inside, while fresh patterns outside keep you looking smooth and Spexy on your daily commute! Heavy duty padded strap clips on for a comfortable over-the-shoulder fit, or is conveniently removable when you want to slip TuckPack into a larger bag or under your arm. Fit small cords, your wallet, or other supplies inside the outer slip pocket, and ensure their safety with the hefty velcro closure!

*  Ideally sized to hold up to a 13″ MacBook or similar-sized notebook
* Compact, lightweight, stylish notebook protection
* Slim design ideal for carrying or placing inside a bag or pack
* Adjustable, removable, padded seatbelt-quality shoulder strap
* Durable exterior with double-needle stitched bindings
* Thin front inner pocket for quick access to documents
* Duraflex high-performance buckles
* Secure velcro closure
* Holds notebooks sized up to 1.5″ thick, 9.5″ deep, 13.5″ wide
* One year Speck limited warranty

Price: $39.95

Using the TuckPack is easy, the first thing you may want to do is attach the strap, it just clips on with ease.

DSCF5936 DSCF5937

The TuckPack fits up to 13” notebook or netbooks in size, so my 10” netbook easily fit in there.


Not pictured, but I also put my 8.9” EeePC in there was well along with its charger. The Tuckpack will be the permanent home for my EeePC now I think.

The TuckPack is nicely padded, it should offer very good protection for whatever you put in it. The material used is very soft so you won’t have to worry about any scratches to you notebook either.

I like the TuckPack because it’s small, I have messenger style bags for my netbooks and laptops, but sometimes you just don’t need all of that, with the TuckPack you’ve got a small, very portable protective sleeve for your computer. Since it’s small it can also fit easily into another bag, like a messenger bag for example or other style of bag.

The smaller front pocket can be used for most anything including a small charger or even of mouse, so you can take a few thing with you in addition to the notebook. If you’ve got one smaller than 13” as i do, then you can put the charger in with the netbook and still have more room in the front pocket for even more stuff.

There is one improvement I might make to the TuckPack though, I would include a smaller handle as well for when you don’t want to us the strap. The idea though for the TuckPack is that you tuck it under your arm to carry it, so having the additional handle might defeat that purpose, still though I would prefer one myself…

There’s not much else to say about the TuckPack really, it’s a great little sleeve that offers very good protection for your computer.

DSCF5925 DSCF5928 DSCF5931 DSCF5933

The Speck TuckPack is a well made and great little sleeve for smaller notebooks and netbooks. It’s stylish, in colors for both men and women and it will offer good protection for the computer inside. The addition of the shoulder strap is very nice, and the second smaller compartment will allow you to take a few small things as well. The TuckPack is a great way to take your netbook with you when you don’t need a larger bag, personally I really like the TuckPack.

10 recommended5

+Offers very good protection for you computer
+Very well made
+A great way to travel light and still take what you need

-None really

Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10