Weekly Giveaway #3 – Element Liquid Case for iPhone 3g and Revoltec Gaming Keyboard

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This week we’ve got two more great products to giveaway. The first is a limited edition Element Liquid Case for the iPhone 3g, the second is a Revoltec Fightboard Gaming Keyboard. Read on to learn more…


First up is the Element Liquid Case, this is a special edition technogog version, there are only two like it in the world!  It comes engraved with the technogog logo on the back, and two covers for the front, one is blue with the technogog logo and the other is green and is plain.

You can visit Element here to learn more about the Liquid case and you can read Tom’s Review HERE for some more information.

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These cases are high end and very well made, very nice overall.



The next thing is for you PC gamers out there, the Revoltec Fightboard Advanced Gaming Keyboard


Dimension:     495 x 200 x 28 mm (L x B x H)
Compatibility:     Windows Vista / XP 64 / XP / 2000
Weight:     0.9 Kg
Layout:     104 keys
Hotkeys:     11
Macro keys:     10 (20 with dual allocation)
Connection:     USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 1.1)

You can read our review HERE of it to learn more and see more pictures as well.

To win one of these, just leave a comment with which one you might to own, and yes you can enter for both, but you can’t win both.

Make sure you fill in the email spot so I can contact you if you win.



  • Matt

    Revoltec Fightboard Advanced Gaming Keyboard

  • VIC

    in again.

  • VIC

    ah, can’t edit my post. i want that keyboard.

  • Rod

    Revoltec Fightboard Advanced Gaming Keyboard looks sweet!

  • Rod

    Element Liquid Case looks cool too!

  • Amanda

    I have waaaay too many keyboards in my house. But I just bought a 3G iPhone and I’m in need of a case!! These look cool!

  • Allison

    I don’t have an iPhone, so I’d like to win the Revoltec Fightboard Advanced Gaming Keyboard. My PC keyboard is about a billion years old, give or take a few decades, so this is a prize I actually really need.

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  • michelle rosborough

    Element Liquid Case

  • michelle rosborough

    Revoltec Fightboard Advanced Gaming Keyboard

  • k7leafclover

    that looks like a keyboard I would like to try šŸ™‚

  • Matthew

    Revoltec Fightboard Advanced Gaming Keyboard

  • Ashitosh

    I love that Revoltec keyboard………………… šŸ™‚

  • Brian

    Revoltec Fightboard Advanced Gaming Keyboard

  • Glass_Eye

    The phone case is pretty neat, actually, so i’ll enter for that. Keyboard is nice too, so I guess I’ll do both, haha

  • Cody

    Years of gaming are finally killing my keyboard, so Iā€™d like to win the Revoltec Fightboard Advanced Gaming Keyboard.

  • Tyler

    I would like to win the Revoltec Fightboard Advanced Gaming Keyboard. My Saitek just isn’t what it used to be!

  • Keith

    That keyboard looks awesome. Hope I win it!

    Thanks for the contest.

  • Clayton C.

    I don’t have an iPhone but that keyboard looks pretty nice.

  • Nick R

    Just what my 16gb 3G Iphone needs, a case worth having! Send it my way! Thanks for hosting the free giveaway!

  • Sonneillon

    I would love to win the Revoltec Fightboard Advanced Gaming Keyboard

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  • Chris J

    My iPhone wants the Element case, it wants it so badly!!!!

  • Kristofer

    Cody and Amanda are the winners this week… please check you mailboxes for an email from me!

  • KeHoeff

    hey this is a very interesting article!

  • Eduard

    I really like the craftmanship of Element Liquid case for iPhone 3G. I already tried a lot of casing but when I read the Element Case for iPhone 3G reviews and in uTube I guess it is amazing even if I haven’t seen it and hold it yet. I am sure that it may give a lot of protection, convenience for me while watching movies, playing games and browsing in the internet and most importantly my 3 year old son will gonna like it while playing with my iPhone watching a lot of education games and watching Barney’s and dinosaur over uTube.

    The Element is amazing but when I saw the cost, it break my heart because it is so costly… I guess it may tend to wait for me to buy it.

  • Audrey crites

    I have wanted for an element liquid for my iphone 3g for a while now i just stumbled upon it and fell in love with its unique style and awesome looks! I was heartbroken to find out i cant afford one and my birthday is coming up soon it would be the best birthday present ever to have an element liquid case!!! =)