No Second hand Games for Next Xbox!

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Wow, this sucks, I guess I know I’ll be getting the new PlayStation and not the new Xbox. Edge online is reporting that the next Xbox will require an always on internet connection and it will use Blu-ray discs which isn’t a big deal on the internet and blu-ray is good of course. What isn’t good is the no second hand games, sorry I don’t like to pay full price for my games when they come out, they’re usually just buggy and need patched. My kids like going to Gamestop and picking up used games for their Xbox 360, they don’t exactly care if it’s a brand new game or not, they think it’s great they can grab a new game for $10-$15 that they never played. Edge is reporting that their source says the games will come with a use once type of activation code and then the game is essentially tied to your account forever it seems. I’ll pass on all of that personally, I think I’ll just stick to playing PC games and get he PS4.  What is Microsoft thinking by doing this? Really it’s just a stupid move all around, a big part of the appeal of the console, especially for those with lower incomes is the fact that you can get games cheap. Now everyone will have to pay full price for their games or wait months or years for the prices to drop. Sorry Microsoft you screwing up here….



Via:  Edge

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