AuraSound Introduces Sound Station — the World’s First Universal Media Player

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Hmm, a universal media player, what does that mean exactly? Well let’s read the press release and find out shall we?

Sound Station Uniquely Melds Audiophile-Grade Sound System With 7-Inch Color Touch Screen, Internet Radio, iPod Docking Station, Video Player

AuraSound, Inc.  unveiled today the innovative Sound Station, a high-performance media player which at last unleashes the full potential of digital media. By combining an audiophile-class acoustic design with a 7" color screen and a full array of state-of-the-art connectivity features, it is the first true Universal Media Player.  It uniquely combines into one elegant compact design the features of multiple devices, including Internet Radio, iPod/iPhone docking, digital picture frame, alarm clock, FM radio, and video player. It is a complete integrated solution, and does not require a computer to set up or operate. The product will be available next month initially via selected retailers in the U.S. and Europe, with global expansion to follow.


The Sound Station was designed to deliver maximum audio integrity for music purists. Instead of encumbering music with processing effects which distort the original recording, it utilizes advanced amplifier and driver technology to cleanly recreate the full spectrum of sound as the artist intended. Featuring proprietary long-throw woofers for incredible bass response and optimized tweeters for precise sound staging, it is engineered to handle any musical style with ease and fill the room with thundering lows, clear vocals, and crisp soaring highs.

With a 7-inch color screen and powerful sound system, the Sound Station is a stunning movie and video player. The large touch screen also gives the Sound Station unrivaled ease of use, allowing music and movie lovers to quickly and easily select media for playback, or search for Internet radio stations with an intuitive on-screen touch keyboard. A built-in upgrade capability makes the Sound Station a "living, learning machine" and ensures that it will never become obsolete. New features will be made available regularly by AuraSound for easy upgrades, simply by touching an onscreen button. 

"Just as we have done with the success of our industry leading TV Soundbars in the U.S. retail market, our Sound Station gives people an uncompromised music listening experience. It offers superior sonic performance, a gorgeous design, and an unprecedented level of functional integration by combining multiple different products into one complete, simple and sleek box," Harald Weisshaupt, CEO & President stated.  "The initial customer response has been outstanding and we are hard at work fulfilling demand. The innovative features reinforce our commitment to elevate the user experience in the digital living room." 

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