Brando Intros Samsung Galaxy Tab Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

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I thought I wanted a Galaxy Tab, but now with the Vizio tablet announcement I want one of those instead! If you have a Galaxy Tab though then you might want to check out Brando’s latest offering which is a case with a built in bluetooth keyboard. The case makes your Tab look like and function like a netbook and offers protection as well.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Case with Bluetooth Keyboard protective slim lined leather case for your Samsung Galaxy Tab with keyboard built-in. This is made of fine genuine leather. The leather case offers high protection for your device. It features a slim, perfectly fit and stylish design. This is a Bluetooth enabled keyboard. It’s portable and tiny design can be used for travel, school, or any other working environment with a Bluetooth enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab.


SamsungGalaxyTabCasewithBluetoothKeyboard1_640 SamsungGalaxyTabCasewithBluetoothKeyboard2_640 SamsungGalaxyTabCasewithBluetoothKeyboard3_640 SamsungGalaxyTabCasewithBluetoothKeyboard4_640 SamsungGalaxyTabCasewithBluetoothKeyboard5_640 SamsungGalaxyTabCasewithBluetoothKeyboard6_640 SamsungGalaxyTabCasewithBluetoothKeyboard7_640 SamsungGalaxyTabCasewithBluetoothKeyboard8_640 SamsungGalaxyTabCasewithBluetoothKeyboard9_640 SamsungGalaxyTabCasewithBluetoothKeyboard10_640
Features :
- Perfect combination for Samsung Galaxy Tab.
- Use the Samsung Galaxy Tab in a variety of positions.
- Soft, waterproof, space saving design.
- You can use this keyboard with most device that have bluetooth or USB adapter.
- Works with Samsung Galaxy Tab.
- Operating Distance: 10 meters
Product Features :
- With Broadcom2042 as main control chip, with Bluetooth 2.0 interface.
- Use industry-leading Bluetooth solution, WIDCOMM BTW Bluetooth software which is specified software – by Micrososoft official.
- Specially design for Samsung Galaxy Tab, it will be more convenient to carry with Samsung Galaxy Tab Bag.
- Built-in power management software, it can automatically show the available capacity in the Microsoft Windows.
- Silence design, it will not affect other people’s rest.
- If is waterproof, dustproof, anti-pollution, anti-acid, waterproof for silicone part.
- Work with PC and commerical mobile, it will be convenient to work
Specifications :
- Executive standard: Bluetooth V2.0
- Working distance: 10 meters
- Modulation system: FHSS 2.4G
- Transmitting power: Class 2
- Operating voltage: 3.0-5.0
- Work current: <5.0MA
- Standby current: 2.5MA
- Sleeping current: <200UA
- Charging Current: >100MA
- Charging time: 4 – 4.5 hours
- Li-ion battery capacity: Minimum 430MAH
Packing :
- A Bluetooth keyboard
- A Samsung Galaxy Tab Bag
- A list of manual
- Mirco USB charging cable
Package Contents :
- Mini Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard
- Mirco USB Charging Cable


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