Cydle M7 MultiPAD: Seven Inches of Fun

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Ok, let me say that what you see above there is their headline for the press release and not mine, and I’m just not going to go there about size not mattering.. I guess I did though huh?!  Seriously though the Cydle M7 MultiPad is something that I want, but i think I want everything I see relating to Android. It’s supposed to be coming out in November in the US, Europe and Korea but I don’t see a price anywhere.

Though the Cydle brand is an unfamiliar household name, along with Google and Apple, Cydle had been nominated and listed as finalists in the After Market category of the United States “Telemetrics Award 2010” for Cydle’s innovative HD Traffic Update for the GPS navigation technology.

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The Multi PAD M7 was introduced at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, resulting in an overwhelming interest from major reputable U.S. retailers, and currently Cydle is in the works of finalizing contracts with other private and government based distributors.

“Watching a movie or reading a book on a Smartphone is restricted due to the size of the screen and sound quality. The M7’s seven inch widescreen coupled with surround sound dual speakers is designed for the consumer to take part in and enjoy a realistic experience anytime and anywhere“, says Mr. Woody Lee, representative of Cydle.

The M7’s seven inch screen is conveniently bigger in screen size compared to a Smartphone, but weighs less than a netbook, which makes it highly portable for enjoyment of the rich multimedia features packed into the M7.

The most eye-catching feature of the M7 is the unique detachable stand. Currently pending a global patent, this versatile stand was specially constructed with the user’s convenience in mind. MID (Mobile Internet Device) users commonly lay these mobile devices on flat surfaces, such as desk or tabletop, or held by hand. The detachable stand will mount onto the M7 for a sturdy yet comfortable viewing and hands-free operation. The detachable stand can also be used as a Screen Cover when collapsed, to protect the screen when mobile.

The M7 works like a PMP where it will support almost all video codecs without any conversion, to comfortably play all multimedia files via SD memory card.

The M7 has incorporated a Gravity Sensor that will easily change your viewing layout by supporting both horizontal and vertical views. The horizontal layout is preferable to view the screen much like a book.

The M7’s serves as an ideal size as an E-book, therefore Cydle has pre-loaded the Aldiko application that is packed with more than 120,000 book titles to choose and read on the Multi PAD. Users will also be able to view PDF, TXT, and other document files just as easily.

Mr. Woody Lee emphasizes the versatility of the Multi PAD by stating, “The M7 has embedded high quality microphone and speakers will enable users to place Video calls with software such as Skype, without the use of a headset. We have also prepared USB and HDMI ports that will easily provide connections to other devices.”

The HDMI feature clearly shows that the M7 can replace the functions of a home video player, PMP, and DVD player.

The Cydle App Square, destination for applications and movie downloads, will be opened and continuously updated for our Cydle M7 users.

The M7 is expected to carry a more attractive retail price, compared to the existing Smart Phones and PMP’s, and looking forward to see how the market will be impacted.

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