Darkest of Days Trailers, Screen Shots and Box Shots

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DoD logo LARGE

I can’t wait for this game to come out, it looks like a lot of fun. I love history and I love sci-fi, so combining them together is is just so cool. We all wish we could time travel, and in Darkest of Days you get to do that and a bit more, I really like the premise of finding out what happens if you mess up the time stream, you learn that there are consequences. Sure it kind of all sounds like a bunch of time travel related movie plots strung together, but it’s never been done in a game where you get to play that time traveler.. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one..


So here ya go.. a collection of screen shots, box shots and the four trailers put together for your viewing pleasure:


We’ll start off with logs and box shots for you:

 DoD logo LARGE DoD_PC_CoverArt SIZED DoD_XBox_Face_RGB PhantomEFXLogoRGB 8monkeyLogos16


and here’s all the screen shots I’ve got:

BurnsideEndVista cw_01 dod_screen_04 FrankenauTrench gameplay1 gameplay3 gameplay4 gameplay5 gameplay6 gameplay7 gameplay8 gameplay9 mother_lab02 pompeii01 pompeii05 pompeii_vacantstreet PompeiiGates POWAssasination sunkenroad ww1_01


The first trailer is the overview or preview of the game:



The second trailer is Auras and Penalties, here you’ll see what happens when you kill someone you’re not supposed to, basically breaking a timeline:


This third trailer is, I think, the best of the them, it’s all about the weapons in the game, most of them anyway… ever wonder what it would be like to go back to the Civil War with a submachine gun? Well, wonder no more, now you can!


The fourth trailer gives you an idea of the places you’ll be visiting while playing:




That’s it for now!

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