Palm webOS 1.4: Video capture and more

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The new Palm webOS 1.4 is here with some great new features for you Palm owners out there like recording, editing and sharing video. Software updates send new features to your phone right over the air. The latest release of Palm webOS software gives you the ability to record, edit, and share video. And you also get improvements to ease of use, app performance, battery life, and more. The new features and enhancements in Palm webOS 1.4 improve your experience by helping you get more out of your Pre or Pixi phone.


Your phone can now record, edit, and share video.

Record video, edit the clip on your phone, and share it directly on YouTube or Facebook—or through email or messaging. Just launch the Camera app and tap the video icon.

We’ve also added a notification light that shows when messages, appointments, and other notifications have arrived—even when the screen is off.

And now you can customize email, messaging, and calendar notifications by selecting new sounds. Find them in Preferences for each app.


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icon1 Video capture, edit, and share

Your phone is now a video camera. Just like that. Record and edit video right on the device, and then share it directly on YouTube and Facebook—or through email and messaging. See it now


icon2 Notification light and alerts

See when messages, appointment reminders, and other notifications have arrived—even when the screen is off. And choose from great new sounds to customize notifications.


icon3 Ease of use

Receive a variety of enhancements to apps like Phone and Messaging that make using them even easier.

Missed a call? Get back in touch quickly and easily with any number you choose.

View and dial additional numbers for a contact right from the call log. We’ve created other shortcuts, too. Make a call directly from a messaging conversation. Press and hold on any highlighted number in a web page, email, or message to call or text that number. And forward a text message directly to an email address without having to cut and paste.

Turn a text chat into a phone call. All it takes is a touch.

Have corporate contacts on a Microsoft® Exchange server? They’re now accessible through universal search, just like Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia, and Twitter. And in Calendar, you can see the current time plus a new a.m./p.m. indication in the day view.


icon4 Performance and battery

Experience better overall performance, including faster loading time for apps and increased battery life.

Apps load and respond to gestures faster.

Launch apps faster while experiencing increased performance and responsiveness within a variety of apps. And do it all with improved battery life.

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