iLuv iCC71: Silicone Case for your iPhone 3G

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A few weeks ago, we reviewed the iLuv iCC74 Clear Acrylic Case, today we will look at iLuv iCC71 which is a Silicone Case for the iPhone 3G. It is designed for those who don’t want bulk while carrying their iPhone 3G. This silicone case helps keep the iPhone 3G securely in ones hand by providing excellent gripability, while at the same time protecting it from scrapes and scratches.

The iPhone 3G is a sleek looking device and some may wish to keep its aesthetic intact while providing some form of protection. The iLuv iCC71 is one such solution as the thin silicone material keeps the shape of the iPhone intact while adding minimal bulk. Most cases don’t accomplish this since they add some form of bulk to the iPhone’s form factor.

The iLuv iCC71 has the same packaging as its brethren, the iCC74. The case is found in the center of a clear plastic package with the customary cardboard iPhone prop within the case.

iLuv1 iLuv2

We see the iLuv logo at the top of the white and blue cardboard insert and mention of the included Glare free protective film.

iLuv3 iLuv4 iLuv5

The back of the package lists the features for the iLuv iCC71 in eight different languages.


Removing the iLuv iCC71 we find the case, the Glare Free protective film and the cardboard iPhone simulacrum. The iCC71 is a unibody silicon case composed of white or black silicon, for our review we will be looking at the white version.

iLuv7 iLuv8 iLuv9 iLuv10

Along the case we see the standard openings for the dock connector, headphone jack, and camera. While the volume buttons, home button, mute switch and power switch are protected by thin silicone covering yet are easily accessible.

iLuv11 iLuv12 iLuv13 iLuv14 iLuv15

The back of the case has an iLuv logo with “Designed in New York” found at the bottom. The case measures 6.54 cm x 11.85 cm x 1.52 cm. iLuv also provides a Glare Free protective film for keeping your screen smudge free.



iLuv iCC71: Silicone Case for your iPhone 3G


Perfect fit for your iPhone 3G

Protect your iPhone 3G from scratches

Full access to controls

Charge and Sync while in case

Glare-free protective film for touch screen included

What’s included:

Silicon Case for iPhone 3G

Protective Film


Dimensions (W x H x D): 2.57x 4.67x 0.6 (65.4mm x 118.5mm x 15.2mm)

The iLuv iCC71 slides over the iPhone 3G through the front opening and snuggly wraps around the phone. As you can see, the case adds minimal bulk to the phone keeping the sleek iPhone aesthetic. Since the case weighs next to nothing, there is no noticeably difference in weight with it on the phone.

iLuv17 iLuv18 iLuv19 iLuv20

Application of the Glare Free protective film is simple and takes a few seconds to apply. Just remember to wear some gloves to keep fingerprints and dusts from getting on the adherent part of the film; otherwise you will be living with those blemishes for a long time.

Using the iPhone 3G with the iCC71 is comfortable as the case is more rubbery on the sides, while somewhat smoother on the back. This tackiness does come with a price – dust. As with most silicone cases, the iCC71 does attract lint and dust. This is not too noticeable on the white version but from past experience, I would assume the black models would make small particulate matter more perceptible.

Accessing all the ports was simple as iLuv left openings large enough for all connections and a protective layer over the buttons. After a short time, I stopped noticing the case due to its low profile.

iLuv21 iLuv22 iLuv23 iLuv24

Most silicon cases will provide minimal protection from falls and this model is not different. With the iLuv iCC71 scratches and scrapes will be avoided, but I would not suggest dropping your iPhone 3G with this case on as it would provide minimal protection from trauma. The screen of the iPhone is also exposed to the outside world other than the Glare Free film, so that is another concern.

iLuv1iLuv18 iLuv10iLuv19


My personal preference for iPhone 3G cases is towards the hard cases, as I tend to keep my phone on my belt and always worry about it falling to the ground. However, for those who prefer the softer and more svelte type cases, the iCC71 Silicone Case is an excellent option. My wife has used it for several days and liked the overall feel and look of the case. Her only complaint was the lack of color choices.

For those who want to keep the look of the iPhone 3G while add some scratch and scuff protection, then the iLuv iCC71 is a good choice


Keeps the iPhone 3G shape
Low Profile

Dust magnet
Only two color choices


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