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When it comes to choosing a Bluetooth headset there are several things that should factor into your choice, considering this is most likely something that will be worn quite often, price really isn’t one of the factors as you can’t really put a price on comfort, at least I can’t. The other factors though are quality of the construction, clarity of the speaker, clarity of your voice to others, battery life, and ease of use, are just some that I think are important. If you look around though you’ll find many BT headsets touting all sorts of features, but which ones do you really need in your headset?

Today for review I’ve got the Zivio Boom Wireless Headset, it’s Bluetooth obviously, and it’s basically for use with your cellphone, but it can be used with other BT devices as well. I’ll be honest here, I hated this product when I first got it, it was very difficult to fit to my ear, it just wouldn’t stay in my ear, it kept falling out no matter what I did. My ear was actually sore from the time I spent playing with it trying to get it to fit me correctly, so I did what anyone would do, I gave up, at least for a couple days until my frustration wore off. Taking a fresh look at it, I got it fitted and in my ear in less that 5 minutes, not sure what I did different this time, but it fit and stayed in my ear, and I like it, I like it very much now. The Zivio Boom gets it’s name from the boom style microphone that can be pulled out of the ear piece, the sound is loud and clear, and it’s nicely made. So, continue on to learn more about a very nice product…

First up we’ve got the unboxing video for you, then the still pictures:

The box for the Zivio Boom is very nice, it’s a display style box with windows on the front and back so you can get a view of the entire product, it opens like a book to show you the accessories included and a listing of specs and features.

DSCF5444 DSCF5447 DSCF5448 DSCF5449

There’s actually a box inside of the box that is compartmentalized, unpacking everything we find the BT headset itself, two USB cables for charging, one short and one long, a dual USB AC adapter, 6 mushroom style earpieces, 2 mushroom connectors, 3 scoop style earpieces, 2 ear loops, 2 ear loop magnets and of course the user manual.

DSCF5451 DSCF5457 DSCF5458 DSCF5459 DSCF5461

The Zivio Boom is heavy, it’s mostly metal actually, on the front are three buttons, a multi-function button, and volume up and down. Down on the bottom corner is a small round piece of metal, this is the tip of the boom microphone.

DSCF5468 DSCF5478 DSCF5471DSCF5477

On the top is the power button along with the mini-USB connector for charging.


The speaker can swivel all around, up and down and side to side to ensure a good fit. To use the mushroom style earpieces you need to attach an adapter, then stick the earbud onto that, to use the scoop you just attach it to the speaker.

DSCF5472 DSCF5476

The main feature of this product is of course the boom microphone, it’s made of Nitinol memory metal, so you can adjust it to fit your face, then slide it back in, but when you slide it back out it knows where you had it so there’s no more adjusting after that. It’s also very flexible and easy to adjust, it also seems fairly durable. The last picture below is a close up of the actual microphone.

DSCF5482 DSCF5483 DSCF5490 DSCF5481


Zivio Boom Bluetooth Headset

Meet the Boom

Flexible, durable, retractable.
Pull it out, slide it back in, bend it to fit your face—the boom is ready to flex for you. Made of revolutionary memory-metal Nitinol, the boom is both resilient and flexible, and can be retracted for easy storage.

Be heard
Featuring a telescoping boom, the Zivio puts the microphone right where it needs to be: at the corner of your mouth. The result? Background noise falls away, leaving only your natural voice.

Take it down a notch
Nobody likes a loud talker. Maintain discretion while discussing the details of your legal brief or your date last night—the taxi driver won’t be privy to your personal drama, while the person on the other end will catch every detail.

A signal
Extend the boom and let people know you are on the phone, not off your rocker

Size and weight
Length (retracted):    53.5 mm
Length (extended):    137 mm
Width:    15 mm
Depth:    7 mm
Weight:    13 g

* Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR and Multipoint
* 10 m (33 ft) range between phone and headset

Power and battery
* Talk time: 10 hours
* Standby time: 200 hours
* Built-in rechargeable battery
* Charging via power adapter or any other standard USB compliant charging device
* Power adapter simultaneously charges two USB devices

In the box
* Zivio Boom wireless headset
* Dual USB power adapter
* Short (7 cm) USB charging cable
* Long (1.5 m) USB charging cable
* 3 scoop earpieces
* 6 mushroom earpieces
* 2 mushroom connectors
* 2 ear loops
* 2 ear loop magnets

I’ve got a few BT headsets and I’ve favored the Jawbone2 for quite sometime now, so here’s a picture of the two of them for comparison, they’re basically the same size really, though the Zivio is much thinner.


First thing you’ll have to do is charge it, plug it in, light turns red, then turns green when charged.

DSCF5498 DSCF5529

The lights also indicate battery level, when powered on you can just tap the power button and the LEDs will light up in one of several colors to let you know the status of the battery.

As I mentioned in the intro I hated this thing originally because I just couldn’t get it to fit my ear, but after putting it down and coming back I figured it out, it’s not the same as other BT headsets and that’s how I was originally looking at it, it’s a new product that different, so that’s how I should have handled it.

The Zivio Boom comes with earbuds or mushroom style earpieces and scoop earpieces, I’m accustomed to the earbud style and I’ve never seen or used a scoop before, so of course I ignored the scoops and went about trying the mushrooms out, they didn’t work, even with the ear loop it just wasn’t comfortable and wouldn’t stay on or in my ear, I tried all of the sizes and none of them worked. Another thing I didn’t take into account when fitting this to my ear is that the speaker can move every way, it tilts up, down, sideways, diagonally and even rotates to make sure it will fit your ear. So eventually I gave up on the mushrooms and tried the scoops, same problem again, even with the ear loop, it just wouldn’t stay in my ear, but then I remember the whole speaker moves around, with the scoop on I did a bit of adjusting and the Zivio Boom fit perfectly and stayed in place even without the ear loop. Personally I don’t like ear loops and try to avoid them if possible, I wear sunglasses most of the time outside and it’s just not comfortable with the ear loop at all for me.

Ok, so I got it charged and got it to fit, next was using it, I used it with the Pantech Matrix Pro that I just reviewed and my AT&T Tilt as well, with the Matrix Pro it had no problems connecting after the initial pairing, it was automatic, but with my Tilt it sometimes connects automatically and other times I have to go in an set the Zivio Boom as the device I want to use. So basically it just depends on the phone I guess as to how the pairing will work for you and your phone.

One thing nice is that you can use the Boom microphone or not, using it with the boom  extended in actually nicer as you don’t have to talk very loud, you can whisper and you’ll be heard clearly on the other end, using it with the boom retracted is just like using any other BT headset. With the boom extended people can plainly see that you’re most likely talking to a person rather then yourself.

The first thing I noticed about the Zivio Boom is that it is very comfortable, once you get it to fit right, but it is, after a while it’s like it’s not even there, for the first couple days a of using it I had to keep checking to make sure it was still snug in my ear. The first time I made a call with the Zivio Boom I was amazed at just how loud it is, this is a good thing, at least for me, I like it to be nice and loud, the next thing I noticed is that it was very clear, perfectly clear, no crackling or anything along those lines. People I spoke too also said I sounded like I was talking to them on a regular phone, a friend of mine didn’t even knows I was using a BT headset until he saw me with it later that day and asked if I was talking to him with it, he was impressed.

So, call quality is great on both ends, battery life isn’t so hot though, I didn’t get the rated 10 hours talk time out of it, more like about eight hours, maybe a little more, but that’s still very good, at least in my opinion, though not getting the advertised time isn’t so good.

The quality of the headset is very nice, it’s mostly metal, which makes it probably the heaviest BT headset on the market today, I believe some people will not like the weight of it. It is well made though, and it’s thin, but still about the same size as other out there, at least in length.



The Zivio Boom Wireless Headset is a unique product that I think most people will be happy with, it’s well made, it’s easy to use, it sounds very good and it’s comfortable to wear for long period of time.

…but it’s not without it’s faults either, I didn’t get the rated talk time from it, and it can be a bit difficult to get the correct fit, also being mostly metal it’s rather heavy in weight.

All in all though, I really like the Zivio Boom, once you get it to fit right, it’s very comfortable, you can wear it with or without the ear loop, and the sound quality is very good on both ends. The boom style microphone is nice as it puts the microphone right near your mouth so your conversations can be kept private. The speaker is nice and loud, something I very much appreciate, especially if driving with the windows down, or the radio playing.


Loud speaker
Clear sounding
Well made
Lots of extras included
Dual USB charger included
Fairly easy to use

Didn’t get the 10 hours talk time
Can be hard to get to fit correctly


  7 comments for “Zivio Boom Wireless Bluetooth Headset

  1. Erin
    March 26, 2009 at 5:30 pm

    The Zivio Boom has long since been a favorite around our office, and is in fact our editors Bluetooth headset of choice that he uses daily, unless he is testing a new one.

    And it has some of the best sound on the audio tests we did of it over all the other headsets on our site.

    Hear the Zivio Boom audio test.

  2. Gary Burya
    November 28, 2009 at 5:20 am

    I need a GOOD QUALITY sound on the mic because I use my Cell phone to do Business Conference calls… I am tempted to get some goddy thing that looks like what you would see the coach at a pro football game wearing, but if this can produce the quality I need then I would much prefer it… however how am I to know about what the quality is?

    Can anybody tell me about the sound quality. I have one now from Plantronics which does NOT have a boom mic on it, and it claimed to be THE BEST sound quality of any on the market when I got it. But everybody tells me I sound like I am talking in a barrel!! Yet it claims to have duall mic technology so one can cancel out surrounding sounds while the other picks up my voice. That don’t seem to happen!!

    Any comments on this would be appreciated!

  3. William Morris
    April 11, 2010 at 8:28 am

    This is the first head set I’ve used that I’ve never had complaints from people I’m calling. I don’t have any trouble hearing others either. It has a magnetic button with an ear hook that attaches to the back of the head set. The hook slides through the rubber button and is supposed to take the weight of the unit. For the first week it worked OK but soon the metal shaft got smooth and the hole in the black rubber piece got slightly enlarged and started sliding right off button. The head set is high quality metal but though comfortable it is relatively heavy. The weight of the head set pulls it right off my ear. Until it slides off my ear the weight doesn’t bother me. The Joby comes with 6 rubber ear pieces 3 black rubber ones which don’t seem to fit the unit and 3 white silicone ones that are either too small or too large for me. I have average ears, not small and not large. I’ve given up using it after two weeks and am looking for another unit that has a boom and doesn’t come off my ear so easily. My $20.00 Plantronics 220 head set stays on no matter what I do and I figure this $130.00 Joby Zivio should be equally able to keep up with me but it doesn’t. In my world if it doesn’t stay on it’s worthless, which is a crying shame since it works so well otherwise.

  4. July 31, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    I have had my zivio for one year now and have tried many others (I still have a pandering for the over the ear design as those types will simply never come off). The sound quality on the zivio is spectacular and since the mic is so close to your mouth it is 26 db more clear than all the other brands with all their noise cancellation. No matter how good the noise cancellation is, the mic on all other units points to your hands, so no matter what you are doing, the person on the other end hears everything. Doors closing, paper russling, dish washing. However with the zivio, the mic points at your mouth, not your activity. Yes it is difficult to get it to stay on your ear without fanaggling it for quite some time. Yes they need improvement in this area of their design, but god forbid in this instant gratification society we should spend a few days getting it adjusted correctly to fit on your ear. It is so adjustable, that finding the right position for everything can try your patience. But once found it works well. So if you sit in an office all day with no activities on your part I would argue almost any headset would work, but if you are like me and on the phone while driving, bicyling, walking, carrying out the trash, etc. Then this headset is amazing. I love it.

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