Review of SMS Audio Street by 50 Wired On Ear Headphones

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I have to say that I’m truly impressed by the quality of the Street by 50 One Ear Wired headphones and I just love the attention detail. It’s the little things sometimes that can mean a lot really, and SMS Audio knows what makes a good set of headphones isn’t just the sound quality. Yes the sound quality is a larger part of it of course, there’s no doubt about that, but the construction should be a large part as well. People want products that last and I think these will last for a long time due to their quality design and construction.

The sound quality is very good, yes they are heavy on the bass but not overly so and it doesn’t get distorted at high volumes. The heavy bass is expected when you’re dealing with headphones bearing the name of 50 Cent, so it’s no surprise.

The one small issue, at least for me, is they are light on the treble, I personally prefer a bit more pronounced treble from my music and the headphones are just light.

SMS Audio was nice enough to include not only a carrying case but also a cleaning cloth. The carrying case is semi-hard to offer a decent amount of protection for the headphones while they are inside. The headphones fold up making them portable and to store in the case.

The audio cord is removable and to some people that’s an important and it’s also anti-tangle which I think is an excellent feature as no one likes tangled cords.



I’d love to give this a perfect score, they’re very well made, and sound great but they could use a little bit more treble. The main problem is that a set of headphones should work with any device and these just don’t seem to play well with my HTC One Android phone, that just shouldn’t happen, especially with a wired set of headphones.

I have to say here I’m not a fan of rap, and I’ve never listened to 50 Cent, at least not intentionally and if I did hear it I probably wouldn’t know it was him. I am making a point here really, and that’s that even if you’re not into rap or 50 Cent these are a great set of headphones and other than the name I don’t think they’re just for people that like rap and hip hop music.



9 recommended5


+Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
+Removable cable
+Can wear with glasses
+Well made
+Includes carrying case
+Excellent sound

-Odd reaction to Android phone when plugging in sometimes
-Might be a bit bass heavy for some people
-Treble is a bit light
-Carrying case is rather large

Design / Aestheticscore-10-10
Value / Pricescore-9-10
Performance / Usagescore-9-10

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  5 comments for “Review of SMS Audio Street by 50 Wired On Ear Headphones

  1. Marcin
    July 14, 2014 at 7:47 am

    Love them, really great headphones

  2. Amanda
    July 22, 2014 at 4:59 am

    They give great bass and they dont squeeze your ears

  3. Asia
    July 28, 2014 at 3:07 am

    One of best headphones u can get in that price, try them out if u can 🙂

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