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Rdio Comes to Windows Phone 8.1


I don’t see a lot of Windows Phone news,  I guess I don’t have my subscriptions set right or something… Anyway, Rdio was on Windows Phone but it’s just been updated today to include Windows Phone 8.1 which includes the…

Nokia Lumia 735 Review @ TechSpot


Selfies are a huge trend but the problem with this is that most front facing cameras on phones still suck. Looking to address this, Microsoft’s device team has produced a mid-range handset dubbed the “selfie phone”, complete with a higher…

Microsoft Ranked 4th in World in R&D Spending


The research and development spending list has apparently come out and Microsoft was ranked  4th in the world at 10.4 billion dollars  in spending. Volkswagen was number one at $13.5 billion which I thought was odd, and Samsung and Intel…