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X2 Announces the Eclipse IV CPU Cooler


I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed any X2 products but from what I hear they’re very good and high quality. One that note, X2 has just announced what looks to be a decent CPU cooler called the Eclipse IV which…

X2 Intros the 6019 MOD Series PC Case

X2-6019 MOD Series PC Case

I’ve never had the chance to review any X2 products but from what I’ve seen of them they seem like good stuff. They just announced the 6019 Mod Series of PC Cases which feature four 5.25” bays and six 3.5”…

Dynatron G950 Genius CPU Cooler


Keeping your computer cool is essential. A CPU that gets too hot can shut down the machine, or worse, lead to permanently damaged hardware. With that being the case, a well-functioning CPU cooler is a crucial component to keeping your…