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News for Friday April 11th 2014


Happy Friday! Yes it’s Friday and  I think I’m ready to get some work done. I’ve been tied up with one of my other sites and it not working all of the sudden, I think I have it fixed and…

News for Tuesday April 8th 2014


Happy Tuesday! There’s not much to be excited about on a Tuesday is there? It’s just another day, but I have the news for you so that’s something right? Lots of reviews from our friends around the world for you…

News for Thursday March 6th 2014


So I learned something new this week, tapping someone on the shoulder and politely saying ‘excuse me’ is now considered assault and harassment, yeah it’s been one of those weeks for me and somehow I don’t think it’s over yet…

News for Monday February 3rd 2014


Ok I’m sick of snow now… woke up to yet more snow and yet another 2 hour delay for kids schools. I can’t stand the snow anymore, I’m sick of shoveling it and I’m tired of buying salt. I also…

News for Thursday November 14th 2013


  Hey, it’s time for the news again. Same old same old really.. just a lot of reviews, but there is one contest for a chance to win a CPU cooler, so there’s that. Oh, and there’s also an interesting…

News for Thursday May 16th 2013


It’s been a weird week so far, I’ve been busy not here working on a job site. I’ve always been having weird dreams and actually nightmares, I can’t remember the last time I had a nightmare and I’ve had three…

News for Sunday April 21st 2013


So I got me an HTC One! Yep it arrived this past Thursday but sadly I couldn’t figure out how to transfer my contacts from sim to micro sim especially since I was going from Windows Phone back to Android……

News for Saturday June 16th 2012


Hello all it’s Saturday and I’m miserable. I messed up my back and I can’t stand up straight and I’m in excruciating pain right now. Anyway, I have the news for you  so sit back, relax and read some news…

News for February 28th 2012


Yesterday was my birthday, yep and I didn’t do much, or at least I tried not to do much. I did buy myself of PS Vita as a birthday present to me, and I got a few games as well.…

News and Reviews for 10-28-09

Ok, I got a lot of news for you, been sick the last couple of days, stomach virus, flu or something… haven’t done much… but I’m feeling better now..  anyway, here’s the news:

News and Reviews for 10-22-09

Hello! So yesterday UPS and FedEX were here..  dropped off the new Das keyboard professional S and the the Kingston SSD Now V desktop replacement kit, along with Marvel Super Hero Squad for the Wii.. but here’s the news:  

iBuyPower Corei5 System Review


The Corei5 was just introduced about 2 weeks ago and iBuyPower was gracious enough to send me over a complete system for review. The Corei5 is the new budget CPU and I’ve put it up against my current system with…