2009 Holiday Buying Guide: Top 10 Gadgets


Have someone on your holiday list who loves a good quality gadget? Of course you do – how could you not? Whether you need some brand spankin’ new gadgets for your hubby or your son (or you’re trying to catch some holiday savings to pick up some new gadgets for yourself), we’ve got you covered. At Test Freaks we collect product reviews from all over the world to find out what’s truly the best of the best. Today we’re going to cover some of the hottest and highest-rated gadgets for the 2009 holiday shopping season. No matter what your gift recipients are into, you should be able to find something on this list to satisfy, from headphones and GPS units to cell phones and home theater equipment.




Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player

Approx. Price: $90.00

This device is one of the easiest ways to play HD movies, listen to digital music, hook up with USB drives and camcorders and other mass media devices. With full HD playback, photo/video/movie viewing, HDMI connections and tons of other great features, the 2

Apple iPhone 3GS

Approx. Price: $200 (Varies based on accompanying service plans and storage size)

The iPhone is almost a staple on Christmas gadget wish-lists these days. It’s nearly impossible to not recommend it. The iPhone took the mobile world by storm, and the 3GS is the latest installment in the line of hardware. The “S” is for speed, and this is Apple’s fastest, most responsive device in the iPhone line. It’s no doubt that millions of people’s holiday wish lists will have an iPhone on them. The 3GS is a huge hit here on technogog and as such, our holiday recommendations would not be complete without it.



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Android Phones: Motorola Droid & HTC Hero

Approx. Prices: Too varied to say.

Google Android phones are the focus of attention this holiday season following the highly-publicized launch of the Motorola Droid, which was essentially being billed as the greatest phone ever created. They’re fast, they’re powerful, and they have an overwhelming wealth of features. We’re putting both the lg


LG BD390 Network Blu-Ray Player

Approx. Price: $360

Blu-Ray players are consistently growing in demand as televisions get better, crisper, brighter pictures and stores continue to offer more Blu-Ray titles at better prices. It’s a reality – DVDs are slowly but surely being pushed away and consumers are expected to upgrade to a medium that better reflects the capability of their viewing hardware. This year, the 6

Panasonic SC-BT200 1000W 7.1 Channel Blu-ray Disc Home Theater Sound System

Approx. Price: $7

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 10.1 MP Digital Camera

Approx. Price: $320

There are a million digital cameras out there. If someone you know has asked for one without citing a specific model, you could have a real task at hand trying to figure out which one to buy. Unless, of course, you just go with the 8

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones

Approx Price: $189

Need headphones? Need exceptionally light, professional monitoring headphones that produce some of the most accurate, rich sound reproduction available? The 9

Apple iPod Nano 5th Generation

Approx. Price: $135-165 depending on storage size.

The Apple iPod is the seminal MP3 player on the market. The Nano, the compact, uber portable version of the 10

Zune HD Video MP3 Player

Approx. Price: $200-270 depending on storage space.

Maybe your holiday pal doesn’t want an iPod. Maybe they want something with more storage space, a bigger screen, HD radio, a high-definition video screen, internet browsing via wi-fi and a touchscreen. In that case, they’ll want a 11

TomTom XL 340 Portable GPS Navigator

Approx. Price: $120

Like cell phones, cameras and many other electronic gadgets, GPS units are becoming so popular that the number of available models can be overwhelming. One of the favorite models on Test Freaks is the TomTom XL 340, a very easy to use GPS navigator that offers great functionality while retaining a low price tag. At only around $120, it features a 4.3 inch touchscreen, spoken turn-by-turn directions, 3D graphics, functionality in USA, Canada and Mexico, photorealistic images, 7 million points of interest, up-to-date traffic info, the ability to modify the maps on your own device and more. It works right out of the box and comes from one of the most respected brands in GPS navigation. It’s a great unit with features you won’t find anywhere else for the price.

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