3 Habits of Successful Sports Betting Pundits


Did you know that sports betting is a full-time job for many individuals? This is a market that continues to grow. It’s one that many are taking advantage of. Pundits understand that this is a massive industry they are participating in. They are competing against the bookmaking site and other sports punters globally!


Successful punters share the following characteristics:

  1. Consistency

The first habit of a successful pundit is consistency. They don’t leave their bets up to chance. Instead, they keep track of the industry and stay up to date with the sports world. Most will have a spreadsheet that includes important data. They have been following sports teams and individual players for years.

Just like stockbrokers and investors use their experience and knowledge to analyze the market, so do professional sports punters. This is the best way to invest your money wisely. Punters do the same thing. They use what they know and apply it to the areas that will give them the most return.

Consequently, they will place wagers on reliable sites like Sbobet. If you’re new to sports betting you need to be sure you’re putting your money on a trustworthy site.

  1. They Focus on the Odds

If you ask a professional pundit who they’re putting their money on, they will give you two answers. They have the team they’re putting their money on and then the team they think will win. There is a big difference here, and it’s important to know the distinction between the two.

Successful punters put their money on the team that’s most likely to win keeping the odds in mind. This means they will often bet for a team or individual that they think will lose. Why? Because with the right odds, they will obtain long-term gains. Professionals are always looking for the best deals.

  1. They Understand Losing Is Part of the Game

You won’t always win every single one of your best no matter how skilled you are. Expert pundits understand this. They know there will be many games they will lose; however, they don’t let their losses affect future bets or judgment. Many amateurs use irrational behavior after losing a game. This will only cost them even more money long term.

For this reason, continue to be consistent and only place a wager when you have hard facts to back it back. Remember that you cannot correct previous losses so don’t waste time trying to do so.


If you’re new to sports betting, we encourage you to go with reliable online bookmakers like Sbobet. Our best word of advice is to keep emotions aside and be objective when placing a bet. If you’re looking to be an expert when it comes to sports gambling, start incorporating the habits listed above.

Just like any other job, to be the best in the industry you need to learn and obtain experience. It’s going to take time and hard work, but the results will be worth it.