3 Tips To Choosing a dd-wrt Router


With the surge in the demand for your home Wi-Fi, you can no longer afford to take things for granted hence the need to redefine your expectations of a Wi-Fi router.  Design companies for routers attempt to make routers that can be used even by both tech experts and rookies alike, thereby limiting the features that they can incorporate in their designs.

As a result, your home router might be having limited capabilities, with the inability to competently sustain 4K video streaming, online video gaming, and at the same time be used on complex smartphone needs. Nevertheless, a dd-wrt router solves this problem and gives you much flexibility, turning your standard router into a super router. Consequently, some considerations to take into account while getting a dd-wrt router include:

  1. Scrutinize the features of the dd-wrt router

The effectiveness of a dd-wrt lies entirely on its features. Since you envision getting unparalleled flexibility out the device, you need to be very keen on the features , since it is features that offer flexibility. Get a dd-wrt that has features like USB ports, Ethernet ports, high antenna capabilities, and a desirable processor. This will allow you to set up a network that can support several users while increasing the output you get from your network. Beware that not all dd-wrt devices have the same features, so take your time to carefully select one that gives you the best set of features.

  1. Ensure compatibility

The technology used for routers has consistently changed over time since they have been around for a while. On the other hand, dd-wrt is a contemporary technology that has not been around for very long. As a result, not all routers are compatible with dd-wrt devices. Many reviews, like dd-wrt compatiable, will let you know whether the dd-wrt you have chosen based on features is compatible with your router. You can also check the router manual to establish its list of compatible dd-wrt devices, but only if it is a fairly recent router. Furthermore, you can find out whether the dd-wrt is well-matched with your router by checking the dd-wrt manual. Either way, don’t get blindsided by sellers as a dd-wrt that is not compatible with your router is useless for you.

  1. The speeds that the dd-wrt can attain are essential

The principal work of a dd-wrt is to allow network sharing between various users hence the importance of having high attainable speeds which imply that each end user can get relatively higher speeds. To know the speeds you will enjoy with the device, check the bands, the processor specification, and the maximum speed rating of the processor. The best dd-wrt devices have a dual processor and a dual band. Such dd-wrts will give you very high speeds of about 1400-19000 Mbps, with which you can achieve any high-end internet use at your home with much comfort.

Clearly, dd-wrt devices are a must-have in the home to increase comfortability and flexibility while using the internet.