3 Types of Content Creators

The term ‘content creator’ wasn’t around just a few decades ago. Through the advent of the internet and the explosion of social media, the content creator was born.

Fast forward to 2022, and there are hundreds of thousands of content creators in the world. It’s a well sought-after career that many youngsters dream of entering, mainly because it’s fun, exciting, and has a high earning potential.


There isn’t just one type of content creator, either. It’s a vast area of the digital media world that has many different avenues for you to go down if you decide that it’s the career for you. Depending on your preferences and passions, you might prefer one type of content creation over another.

Content marketing is an extremely effective method used by all businesses nowadays. Many business owners hire content creators to produce copy, images, and videos for their website, blog, and social media channels.

Whether you are creating content for your small business’ social media channels or for the enjoyment to share your life with your followers, it’s important to consider all types of content creation. You might find that enjoy one type much more than the others but you won’t know until you have done some research.

You must also take into account your skillset. For example, somebody who is great at photography and knows how to use an image background eraser might prefer to be a visual content creator. Others are better at writing and would prefer to become a copywriter.

Here are three of the most common types of content creators.


  1. The Networker

The Networker is the social butterfly. The person who is happy to talk to anyone and everyone, and has no trouble standing up in front of the crowd.

Somebody who is a Networker loves to share ideas and stories and creates a wide range of contacts in a professional and personal sense. They are great at communicating new ideas and concepts through their content.


  1. The Writer

A creator that primarily produces content in a written form is known as The Writer. They can easily take an idea and string together a range of sentences to convey these ideas in an exciting and engaging manner.

The Writer can produce copy for websites, blogs, and social media posts. They can be hired by companies to write sales copy for product pages. Effective sales copy entices customers to buy a company’s products without being too pushy.


  1. The Speaker

The Speaker is a type of content creator that is happy to speak in front of crowds or to others, and they’re able to do so in an engaging way. They are naturals at public speaking and shine in front of the camera, making them perfect for creating videos for brands or social media channels.

Video marketing is an effective way to increase brand awareness and sales. Content creators that fall into The Speaker category are perfect content creators for video marketing, as they can communicate clearly and naturally about a range of subjects.