5 Tips on How to Improve Your Webshop


A few years ago, you decided to step up your business game and started to sell online. Back then, your website was state-of-the-art, but recently you noticed that your revenue is not growing anymore. Here are five simple ways to regain control over your webshop.


1. Refresh your Product Pages

When it comes to improving a webshop, a lot of entrepreneurs are focusing on the check-out page. Of course, it is important to make the buying process as easy and as quick as possible but remember that the customers will not even get there if the products of your shop don’t sound appealing. Every product description should tell a short story that gives the visitor a good impression of what he or she is going to purchase.

2. Add a Live Chat to Your Shop

How do you handle requests from your customers? A lot of small manufacturers and makers don’t find the time to reply to every inquiry that they receive. The key is to make it as comfortable as possible for your visitors to get in touch with you. By adding a live chat to your page, you can either choose to answer the incoming questions yourself or you integrate a bot to your page. Bots are usually the smarter option as they are always available and can answer to your clients immediately. Furthermore, they can inform them about special offers and lead them through the check-out process.

3. Improve Your Business Operations

As a maker or manufacturer, you probably think that growing your business would make it harder for you to keep track of orders, inventory, and finances. So, if that stops you from expanding, why don’t you just get assistance with that?! One way to turn a small business into a smart business is by implementing production planning software. You can stop worrying about having enough raw materials or products in stock. The software will help to make the production process more efficient and hassle-free.

4. Personalize the Customer’s Shopping Experience

When managing a webshop, it is important to understand that you need to offer your visitors a memorable shopping experience. Therefore, you should ask yourself: how often do you look at the data you that you are gaining through your website? To get to know your target group better, you should analyze data such as page visits, purchases, and interaction with your customer service. You can then use the outcomes to create a unique shopping experience for your users.

5. Step up your SEO game

Do you wish for more traffic on your site? As Google changes its algorithm hundreds of times each year, you should have a look if your website still fulfills the criteria to get ranked high in the Google results. To improve your page, you should do keyword research and try to integrate the main keywords in the headlines of your site. Furthermore, you should update your pages and create some new content, for example by adding a blog that allows you to write updates on your products and the company. And last but not least: Have a look at your competitors’ websites and analyze what you can learn from them.