5 Tips To Win At Casino Contests

Now, during advantage gaming at a UK casino, it is fully possible for the player to gain a decisive advantage. Often, such advantage play is possible due to dealer mistakes and the like. Once the casino concerned determines that this is the case, gameplay rules usually get altered, or the game is stopped altogether.

For the best advantage play possible, there are things players should look out for. These include the following:


Advantage Play Tips That Work


  • Watching for Dealer Sloppiness – When checking out a game, the first thing that players should be alert for is the state of mind of the dealer. The dealer could be calm, cool and coordinated, or careless and sloppy. In the first case, the dealer tends to be precise in card dealing and shuffle tracking techniques can be usually employed to keep him in check. The sloppy dealer, on the other hand, is another matter and a disaster waiting to happen. The sloppiness makes possible egregious mistakes that can be exploited and is either due to tiredness or inexperience.
  • Frequency of Dealer Sloppiness – Usually, it is new and inexperienced dealers that are unforgivably sloppy. This is due to the fact that they are awkward and self-conscious and have to think and act, rather than doing things perfectly and by rote as the experienced dealers are wont to. Usually, rookie dealers are featured during the second casino shift or the early swing shift and most often during the midweek. Should their schedule be known, their inexperience and consequent lack of skills can be gleefully exploited.
  • The Physical Limitations of Dealers – Quite often, dealers both old and new are not given enough time to rest up. As a result, they get tired quickly after resuming for work and become sloppy. Advantage players should be alert for this and take advantage of it when it occurs. Worth noting is that dealers are not all that well motivated. A large majority of them are sloppy and careless by nature and only smarten up and start behaving like professionals when the eye of the floor manager or pit boss is on them. Another thing to consider is the dealer’s physical attributes. Say the dealer is a middle-aged fella with hands that are on the large side, that usually means that he is quite experienced and his muscle memory is good enough that he does not have to consciously think about the precise things to do during card dealing. On the other hand, a petite dealer with consequently small hands well might struggle when dealing with cards. As a result, this can lead to occasions when the advantage player is able to catch glimpses of cards that he/she isn’t supposed to. Should this happen, it must, of course, be quickly taken advantage of.
  • Determining if the Game is Beatable – Once the advantage player has determined that an advantage exists due to sloppiness or imperfect physical attributes of the dealer, the next thing is to find out if it is possible to consistently win at the game. This requires complex calculations that are best performed on a powerful computer. On the said computer, a computer programmer should be tasked with writing code that replicates varied outcomes. Once this is accomplished and results are delivered, the computer usually gives out some rather difficult-to-execute strategies that however maximise chances of success.
  • Determining Odds of Success by a Human – With the above steps complete, the complex strategies outlined by the computer has to be reduced to one. The next step is finding out if that strategy is actually applicable to a casino environment with its myriad of distractions. The strategy also has to be made as simple as possible, so as to reduce the chances of making mistakes that could wipe out the bankroll.



It is possible for advantage players to be successful at all casino games, at least in the short term, provided that they keep their eyes open and use the appropriate strategy. Advantage play requires the use of intellect and critical thinking, and that is why the new ways of beating casino games will continue to be devised by advantage players everywhere.