Learn How to Spy on Your Kid’s Online Activity Like A Pro


Parenting in the digital age is not easy at all. It can really get your head spinning. In the days when technology and the internet have taken over our lives, it has become impossible for parents to not take notice of their children’s online activity.


Since the internet and social media sites have become a permanent fixture in our lives, especially our children’s lives, parents can’t help take but poke their noses into their children’s online activity. it has become inevitable for them to spy on their kids online in order to ensure they stay safe. For this purpose, they use a spy phone software or a cell phone spy app.

It is important to keep an eye on children’s online activity especially if you want them to be raised as responsible children. It’s true that most children would not want their parents to spy on their online activity. They would not want them to read their private chats and see what they post online.

Gone are the days when you simply hang on your child’s shoulders when they receive a call from someone. With the digital age, things have improved and it’s time for you to become smarter. Instead of hovering on your child, you must look for a secretive method that allows you to spy on their online activity without them knowing.

It would be wrong and unfair to your kids if you go on and confiscate cell phones from your children. They will feel angry and frustrated at you and you would never want that. You would better want a spy phone app without having the need to get physical access to their cell phone.

If you want to do the right kind of digital parenting, then you must have a took that helps you monitor your child’s online activity secretly.

Why You Should Spy on Your Kid’s Online Activity?

Before we discuss anything else, you need to determine why you should spy on your kid’s online activity. Surely, there are several reasons why parents should spy on their children’s online activity. Parents can spy on their child’s computer, laptop, cell phone, or tablet.

Parents are paying the utmost concentration on what their children do on the internet all day long. This is why they are using parental controls and cell phone spy apps so they could see what their children are up to on their devices.

Here are a couple of reasons why parents need to spy on their children’s online activity:

  • Shift your children’s focus back on their studies
  • Protect your children from malicious internet users
  • Keep your children safe from the online dangers
  • Limit your child’s access to adult sites so they can stay away from them

Now, before we move onto the how to spy on your kid’s online activity, we need to first discuss whether or not it is illegal to spy on your kids.

Is it Illegal to Spy on Your Kid’s Online Activity?

There are three legal grounds that give you the right to spy on someone’s cell phone. First, the phone number of the cell phone you wish to spy must belong to you. If the number belongs to you then you can track the device. Usually, children use phones that belong to their parents so you can easily spy on their devices.

The second legal ground requires you to inform your child that you are spying on their device. Well, this may not go down too well with your child as they do not want their online activity to be tracked by their parents.

Fortunately, the law has allowed the guardians to make decisions on behalf of the minors. In fact, children do not have the legal ability to make a sound decision. The law has given you the right to ask whether you need to spy on the minor and then you can give the answer back.

The last but not the least legal ground requires you to provide security, education, and all the necessary provisions to the kid being a parent or guardian. The law states that you need to raise a good citizen of the country. So, to ensure they are raised as a responsible citizen, you can go as far as spying on their online activity.

Thus, it has been confirmed that parents have the right to spy on their child’s internet activity and it is completely legal to track them online.

Use A Spy Phone App to Track Their Online Activity

Now, it is clear that you can monitor your child’s online activity without being worried about legal issues. Let us now understand how you can spy on their online activity without them knowing. Of course, you need to use a spy phone app to monitor their internet activities.

With the help of a cell phone spy app, you can get to monitor all the phone calls and text messages your child receives and sends on their cell phone. Apart from that, you can also monitor the chats taken place on instant messaging apps and also locate their whereabouts through GPS tracking.

Not only this, but you can also monitor their web browsing activity and social media accounts. Additional monitoring features like keyboard logging and surround recording are also offered by cell phone spy apps like Mobistealth.

The internet is loaded with infinite varieties of cell phone spy software. Selecting the most reliable and professional one amongst them can be quite challenging. However, once you have come down to a spy phone app then you need to check the reviews and go through their official website to obtain information about its developer.

The majority of the spy phone apps won’t turn out as good as you thought them to be. That is why you must always read the reviews from the users who have used the spy phone apps. The user-based reviews are really helpful because they give you the actual picture of the spy phone app and help you make the right decision.