Our Purchase Guard Review – Is It Worth It for Filing Online Purchase Disputes?


If you’ve been looking for an impartial dispute resolution program that can help you resolve issues between online shoppers and merchants, you might have already heard of Purchase Guard.

This online platform claims to be a “fast, easy and impartial” dispute mediation service. Using Purchase-guard.com, both shoppers and merchants can get resolutions for common online shopping disputes, such as: 


? The wrong item being delivered, or an item being delivered in poor condition. In other words – a condition other than what was stated at the time of purchase.

? Products that differ from their online description, dimensions, or images.

? Failure to receive goods due to a delivery error, or other shipping problem of that kind.

? A purchase that is being claimed as fraudulent.

But what is this service exactly? Is it worth using, and does it deliver on its promises for both shoppers and online merchants? Read this Purchase Guard review to find out. We’ll discuss everything you need to know about this platform and explain how it can help you settle online disputes fairly and quickly.

What Is Purchase Guard, And Why Would I Need It?


Purchase Guard is a service and platform that’s intended to be a mediation layer between online merchants and shoppers. When online shoppers and merchants have a dispute about a purchase, things can turn sour quickly – because both parties have a personal stake in the outcome.

In other words, Purchase Guard is as an impartial dispute resolution service that works with both buyers and online sellers to negotiate an outcome that is acceptable to both parties. For example:

? Buyers can be compensated fairly for wrong items being delivered, or for items in poor condition.

? Steps can be taken to return or exchange products that had incorrect product information (or description).

? Delivery error or shipping mistake has occurred, and the item can be re-delivered to the intended destination.

? Claims of fraud can be investigated to determine if the charges were truly fraudulent.

Throughout the entire dispute resolution process, Purchase Guard constantly works with both parties (naturally, more with the merchants) to determine an equitable, fair outcome.


How Does the Purchase Guard Process Work?


Using Purchase Guard is quite simple. Here’s a quick, step-by-step guide on how the process works, and what you can expect from it.

  1. First, the user has to register and sign up at Purchase Guard. Doing so is free, and it only takes a few moments to enter your basic personal information like your name, email address, phone number, etc.
  2. Once you have registered, you can now log into your account. Then, enter the information about the purchase you have had an issue with, using the intuitive forms.
  3. Next, upload any supporting documentation and evidence you have about the issue, to ensure that your Purchase Guard representative has all the necessary information to deal with the problem.
  4. After this, your Purchase Guard representative will contact the merchant, and negotiate a resolution on behalf of you, the shopper, and work towards a solution.

5. Next, you’ll be informed about the resolution. If it’s acceptable, the case will be closed – and you will be eligible for a replacement product, a full refund, or whatever compensation was decided upon by the merchant. If you’re not satisfied, then Purchase Guard will renegotiate the terms of the agreement with the merchant in an effort to reach a new satisfactory resolution.

Why Should I Use a Third-Party Service Instead of Dealing with My Bank or Card Issuer?


Using a service like Purchase Guard instead of directly initiating a chargeback with your credit card company has several benefits:

? Faster dispute resolution – Chargebacks can take a long time to process, and require a lot of work from your part to prove that the merchant did not deliver the product as required, from any reason.

? Does not escalate conflict – A chargeback is a “nuclear” option for settling disputes. Merchants might not be inclined to work with you or find a mutually-agreeable solution once you threaten to chargeback.


? Mutually-agreeable solutions – Purchase Guard’s representatives have a lot of experience in the online dispute resolution field and can find a solution that works for both parties in a fair manner.

Merchants also benefit from using this service, as it increases consumer trust, helps mitigate chargebacks, and ensures a simplified, streamlined conflict resolution process.

Our Conclusion – A Convenient, Easy to Use, And A Useful Tool for Shoppers

As an impartial dispute resolution platform, Purchase Guard is quite useful, and a decent option as a mediation layer between online merchants and shoppers. While the merchants using the platform are limited at the moment, it is sure to become more widespread in the future – and provide both merchants and buyers with the peace of mind when buying and selling online.