Who Makes a Vehicle Tracking and Disabling Device?


If you own a personal or commercial vehicle, you will want to ensure that your investment is protected from misuse and theft. Vehicle tracking lets you see the location of your vehicle and the specific routes taken by your drivers. Some vehicle tracking systems provide remote disabling functionality that allows you to disable the ignition from your phone or computer. However, you will need to choose and install the right device for your needs. Below is part of what you need to know.


What is a Vehicle Tracking and Disabling Device?

A vehicle tracking and disabling device is a small navigation unit that transmits real-time data about the vehicle’s location. The equipment can also be used to prevent unauthorized use of the vehicle and to gradually slow down and stop the vehicle in certain situations. These systems are used for security purposes, helping to prevent issues such as unauthorized use, vehicle entry into unauthorized areas, security violations, and emergency situations.

There are different types of vehicle disabling systems on the market. Certain systems will use on-board electronics to prevent initial operation, stop the engine, or bring a moving vehicle to a gradual stop. Another type will combine wireless communication and on-board devices to execute the desired function, while others will operate non-remotely through the actions of the driver, operator, or the car itself. These systems can feature either manual or automatic activation. Remote vehicle disabling systems allow someone in a distant location, such as a dispatcher or other personnel, to disable the vehicle. On the other hand, non-remote vehicle dispatching systems work in three ways: on-board actions by the driver or operator, wireless communication when near the vehicle or a combination of the two.

Some vehicle disabling systems feature intelligent driver identification technologies that will verify the driver before the vehicle starts. When the preset procedures are unable to make a match, a notification will be sent to the dispatcher, informing them of the unsuccessful attempt. The systems can also be designed to work with other wireless communication systems that provide additional monitoring processes to enhance the security of your assets. These include door sensors, temperature sensors, cargo sensors, electronic cargo seals and trailer connection and disconnection systems.

Through the monitoring capabilities associated with vehicle disabling protocols, fleet operators can communicate better with drivers. The operators can also keep an eye on routes, maintenance, performance, and fuel usage. This helps to improve operational efficiency and ensure better fleet management. Advanced technologies like ignition locks and brake locks minimize the risk of vehicle theft, especially when hauling high-risk or high-value cargo.

How Do They Work?

Vehicle tracking and disabling units can help you recover your vehicle quickly in case of theft. A good system will also prevent unauthorized use of the car. Here is what to expect when you install these devices:

Locate and Track Your Vehicle Instantly

These systems are designed to make it easy to recover your asset, effectively minimizing the likelihood of damage or loss. You will get SMS alerts on your mobile phone when the vehicle is moved as well as real-time data on its location. This allows you to disable the ignition to ensure the vehicle is not operated and direct police to where it is parked.

Movement Alerts

In case of unauthorized access or operation of your vehicle, you will receive SMS alerts so you can take the appropriate action. You will get SMS alerts if the car alarm is activated, the ignition is turned on, or the car moves out of a specified area. The tracking systems come with a disabling functionality that enables you to disable the engine, slowly bring the car to a stop, lock the doors, or sound the alarm.

Remote Disable

Once you purchase a vehicle tracking and disabling system, you should get a qualified auto electrician to install the device. The unit will be connected to the car’s power supply to detect when the engine is running or turned off. Connection to the starter motor circuit will allow you to disable the car, while wiring into the central locking system and alarm system will provide more options. You can then disable the car through a mobile phone app or by sending an SMS text command. Insurance companies have been known to offer significant discounts to drivers with remote shutdown systems installed in their vehicles.

Route History

Most of these systems feature easy-to-use software that provides a driving history periodically. Route history provides you with accurate location information and lets you find your missing car quickly.

Who Makes These Systems?

When it comes to vehicle tracking and disabling systems, buying the devices from a reliable company can mean the difference between success and failure. GPS Technologies offers quality tracking solutions to help you keep your assets secure. Below are some of our products.

Fleet Tracking

Our GPS fleet tracking systems feature four different tracking devices: Vehicle Track, Value Track, Fleet Track IQ, and Sat Track. Each of the devices will provide you with accurate information, allowing you to choose either basic information or complex data depending on your needs. The units are small enough to ensure discreet installation and can store information for at least six months.

Asset Tracking

The asset-tracking devices are designed to help you monitor your valuable assets. With technologies that can work for any application, you will enjoy the flexibility you need to keep your investment secure. Apart from the start and stop time, location addresses for stops, and duration of the stops, you can get data on vehicle speed, geo-fencing, and alerts about arrivals and departures.

Portable Tracking

Portable tracking devices can be used by both individuals and business owners. For business owners, these devices will help to monitor equipment and the behavior of employees. Families can keep tabs on children, the elderly, and their pets, while travelers can attach the devices to luggage to prevent loss or theft. These units are compact, energy-efficient, and let you customize the reporting.

Teen Tracking

Teen tracking devices are installed in vehicles to help keep the younger family members safe. The devices offer helpful features like location tracking, alerts about driving behavior, and sophisticated mapping capabilities. They are compact and easy-to-install, making them almost undetectable. Teens also use phones of course, so you might want to know how to track an iPhone while they’re driving around.

All the Tracking Devices That you Might Need

Installing tracking devices will enhance the safety of your vehicles, employees, and loved ones. The systems can also help in improving the efficiency of your operations. GPS Technologies makes tracking systems that feature advanced technologies to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more.