6 Subtle Ways Tech Companies Can Impress Investors, Prospects and Customers


It seems like every other day there’s a new startup on the block that’s going to change the world, isn’t there?

And then the news cycle moves on to the next one. Rinse and repeat.

As a result, startups need to do everything they can to avoid this sort of “flash in the pan” syndrome. Instead of just making a splash, a combination of consistent branding, cultural decisions and marketing choices can truly cement your status as a legitimate player in your industry.

This rings true when talking about standing out to everyone from consumers and prospects to investors and competitors.

So, what are the essentials for modern startups looking to stake their claim? Consider the following six ways that businesses can make themselves more compelling to outsiders.

A Stronger Sense of Style

There’s no denying the importance of what your business looks like at a glance. The iconic color blue schemes from the likes of Facebook and Twitter, as are Instagram’s rainbow creatives. These small creative touches from your logos and beyond are so critical yet are likewise so easy to overlook.

If you have the creative chops, you can craft something that helps you subtly stand out from the crowd. Tools like FlashMarks empower startups to create sleek company creatives akin to what you’d see from the biggest tech giants out there.

Better Blogging

Is blogging dead?

Not by a long shot.

While there’s been a large shift in content marketing toward the likes of video and social media, an in-depth company blog is invaluable for your audience and search engine presence alike.

Ever tech empires like that of Adobe, Squarespace and Shopify all boast company blogs that regular update for the sake of educating their audiences. Through actionable advice and storytelling, such companies can capture the attention of future customers while serving the ones they already have.

What sort of content is going to get more eyes on your business, though? For starters:

· In-depth how-tos and listicles targeting specific topics and keywords

· Case studies and customer stories, converting social proof while also proving your business’ track record

· Product tutorials, showing the power of whatever you’re selling in action

And of course, it may make sense to outsource content creation to a seasoned vet in your field to help you send the right message.

Emphasis on Company Culture

Culture is much more than a buzzword for today’s tech companies.

The right culture attracts not only talent but also fellow industry players. The suped-out office spaces of Google and Facebook aren’t just for show: they showcase a company culture that’s synonymous with companies that work hard and play hard.

The elements of Silicon Valley culture that are cited for success include…

· A laid back mentality that celebrates individuality and work-life-balance

· Loyalty through empathy, supporting the strengths of workers

· Emphasizing rewarding work beyond just a paycheck

An In-Person Industry Presence

This is a quick tip that bears repeating. Although online presence might seem like everything, tech conferences and in-person networking is irreplaceable. Having a consistent conference presence is a brilliant move toward signaling that you’re a legitimate, committed player in your industry.

Conferences and events are all the rage in tech. Having people attend is not only educational for them, but signals that you’re a big player.

Talent to Talk the Talk

It might be cliche to say that you’re only as good as your team, but it’s true enough.

Beyond bringing on top talent, it’s important that your workers are all-in regarding your company and its mission. Advocacy is a powerful marketing tool as your individual talent are able to showcase your brand throughout their own marketing efforts.

Think about it. If you have workers with strong followings via LinkedIn, Medium and industry events, they serve as your strongest billboards to continuously promote whatever you’re up to. The more talent you have with clout in your space, the better.

Global Reach

Finally, consider how technology is reshaping the global economy by providing solutions and opportunities to people regardless of geography. Regardless of your product, you should strive to do the same in some way, shape or form.

And if your product isn’t’ available worldwide, consider philanthropic and charitable efforts around the globe you can support to highlight your business’ commitment to more than just cash.

With these tactics working together in tandem, your company can immediately signal that you mean business. Whether you’re looking for capital, attention or just legitimacy in your industry, consider any of the pointers above to be a smart starting point.