7 Critical Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Disaster

Disasters are defined as unanticipated, catastrophic events that cause a lot of damage. Whether it’s a pandemic, hurricane, or the actual apocalypse, the key to surviving is being prepared.

How do you do this? Read on to find out the seven best ways to prepare yourself for a disaster. 



7 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Disaster

Disasters can affect many facets of your life, so the best thing you can do is prepare yourself a little bit every day in all of those aspects until you have a strong foundation.

1. Prepare Your Mind

Mental health is key when preparing for a disaster, no matter what kind. Doomsday type of thought can take a large toll on one’s mental state, so doing some beforehand preparation can help greatly for if catastrophe ever does strike.

Meditating and reminding yourself of your goals are great ways to do this, or through studying up so that you know what to expect.

2. Prepare Your Family

Preparing your family or friends is also important in disaster readiness. You want to protect those close to you, known as your disaster community.

Keeping your loved ones informed on procedures and planning is a great way to do this, without freaking them out. Once they get comfortable you can also practice exit drills.

3. Prepare Your House

Preparing your house means having a disaster budget. Whether you live in the hills and have to look out for rock slides and flash floods, or in hot areas where forest fires are a problem, setting money aside never hurt anyone.

You can look into cash flow insurance and/or save a little bit here and there to keep yourself prepared.

4. Prepare Your Kit

Every doomsday prep-er needs a disaster kit. This should include essentials like food, water, phones, tools, and clothing.

You also should take into account any special needs of friends or family members with these kits.

5. Prepare Your Pets

Preparing your pets for disaster comes in two ways.

First, you can and should make your pet its own disaster kit with pet supplies. Another option is to consider backup living arrangements for your pet with a trusted family member or friend.

6. Prepare Your Body

Preparing your body means staying healthy and fit so that in the event of an emergency you’ll be in the best physical state possible to take care of yourself and others. Practicing healthy habits every day is also generally a good rule of thumb for a long and happy life.

7. Prepare to Leave

Finally, having an evacuation plan can be critical in an emergency. Whether it’s a house fire or a volcano eruption, you should be ready to leave your house in an orderly fashion.

Plan out exit routes and practice them every now and then so that you can be ready when disaster strikes.

Stay Ready and Stay Safe

With these seven bases covered, you can rest easy knowing you can prepare yourself for the next potential disaster.

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