7 Signs That Indicate He’s Not Into You


When you find yourself getting attracted to someone, you often try to look for signs of whether he is into you or not. Interpreting his actions or trying to look beyond the surface becomes something that you do quite often. So, if you are wondering whether the person you like is into you or not, we are here to help you.

Below are the 6 signs that indicate that person you are pining over may not be into you:

He remains distracted

One of the biggest indicators of someone not being interested in you is them being distracted when you are with them. So, ask yourself if he truly gives you his attention while you both are together. Moreover, if you find yourself repeating yourself or constantly calling him back to earth, he may not be into you.

Another indication is him being on his phone whenever you are around. If you are searching for best hidden spy apps just to check what he is doing on his phone all the time, he most probably is not interested in you.

He’s emotionally unavailable

Most of the time, when someone is interested in you, they will start opening themselves to you and start becoming emotionally available. Moreover, you will be able to see their emotional side a lot more than usual. However, if that is not the case, then that means your feelings are just not reciprocated.

Look for clear signs of emotional boundaries and dissociation. If he is constantly shutting you off or keeping his problems away from you, then it is better that you do not invest your emotions in him as well. Make sure you do not ignore these signs, as they may end up breaking your heart later.

His friends do not know you

The biggest tell is whether his friends know about you or not. Most men confide in their friends to talk about the woman they are interested in. So, if his friend does not know you, it means that you are not someone special to him. Also, it means that he probably never talks about or mentions you in any conversations with them.

Another similar indication is that he refuses to introduce you to your friends. If it is so, it can be that he considers you nothing more than a casual acquaintance.

He hides your relationship

If you are already in a relationship with him or at a beginning stage and he is hiding your relationship, he may not be in it for a long while. There is a tendency for people to show off their relationships if they consider them to be long-term. However, if he is putting in constant efforts to not talk about your relationship with others or on social media, he may be in it for a short while.

Along with that, he may avoid any confrontation about your relationship with him if he is not interested in you. So, steer off someone who is giving you all these signals before it gets too far for you.

He goes MIA often

It is natural for someone who likes you to crave your attention and want to spend time with you. Therefore, if he constantly goes missing in action or leaves your texts on delivered, he may not be looking forward to spending time with you. If you do not hear from him often, it is time you stop investing your time in someone like him.

Moreover, anyone going MIA means they have better things to do or things that they prefer over you.

He won’t make plans with you

The way he plans his future also says a lot about your relationship with him. Try to imagine your position in his future life according to his perspective. If you do not see yourself there, it may be because he has never communicated about your future with him.

Moreover, if he is hesitant to talk about the future he has with you, he may not be interested in you. Anyone who wished to make you a part of their life for a long while would let you know or at least drop some hints. If you do not see anything like that happening, you should move away.

He is always in a rush

As mentioned above, when he is interested in you, he would make sure you get enough of his time and attention. However, if it is not so, he may always be in a rush. It may be when you are together or when you are asking him about hanging out.

If he seems like he always wishes to leave when you are around him, you should listen to your gut feeling as it states that he is not into you.

That was all! Now you can tell whether he is into you or not.