Alternatives to Credit Card Gambling

Security and safety are the players’ first requirements when they move funds in the gambling websites. The reputed platforms offer various options for deposits and withdrawals. Some of them remain common methods whereas others have become so noticeable. Credit cards are the most used payment systems despite the growth of other payment companies in the gambling industry.



Nonetheless, with the ban on casino sites that accept credit cards in the UK since 14 April 2020, several players are desperately looking for other reliable payment methods. Similar to credit cards, these systems will enable them to deposit and withdraw their money easily and safely. Here are the alternative options to credit card gambling?

Debit Cards


Debit cards are popular options to deposit and withdraw in the gambling platform. This method that has been around since 1966 has attracted many gamblers for its convenience. Almost the sportsbooks, online casinos, and poker sites accept debit cards for its simplicity. A transaction using this old system is, in fact, secure since the users’ personal information will be kept confidentially.

Moreover, the players cannot spend more than what they have with this system which can be a disadvantage for the high rollers. MasterCard, Visa Electron, and Maestro are the most used but other interesting cards are available depending on the nation the users live. Depositing with these payment systems is instantaneous but the withdrawing process can take between 1 and 5 business days.

Prepaid Cards


Prepaid cards are other forms of payment cards that are not attached to any bank account. Known also “stored-value cards”, these cards allow the gamblers to deposit instantaneously. Prepaid cards option looks like credit cards but they work differently. In credit cards, you spend your money when you use them whereas, on prepaid cards, you have to load money before using it.

These methods have become popular among global gamblers since they are highly convenient and safe to use. Several types of prepaid cards are available for all users as they permit them to control their money regardless of their needs. Many renowned gambling websites accept this form of payment system because they meet the player’s requirements.



PayPal is the most popular e-Wallet that has offered its services to global businesses since 1998. Originally called Confinity, the company has seduced the gambling industry for its simplicity, safety, and security. With this digital wallet, there is no need to disclose the bank or card details when depositing or cashing-out. Actually, PayPal is an option that allows the gamblers to make both a deposit and a withdrawal.

Available in more than 200 countries and can support 25 currencies, this reputed method released an innovation “Instant Transfer” enabling the users to transfer their money to their debit cards directly. The amount of fees charged by PayPal is lower than 1% of the transaction value.



MuchBetter has successfully grown since its release in 2017 and has entered the online gambling market. This new payment method is recognizable for its advanced technology to protect users from identity theft and fraud. Besides, this app-based payment wallet holds a licence from the UK Financial Conduct Authority or FCA meaning safety and transparency to the customers.

To use this brand type of payment app, the players are required to install the MuchBetter app on their mobile phones and can deposit immediately. Today, MuchBetter is available on more than 150 countries and has won multiple awards for being the best digital payment service. Making a deposit or withdrawal with this app-based payment option is free or charges reasonable fees.



Bitcoin has changed the gambling industry story as it provides the most confidential transactions for anonymous players. This cryptocurrency has appeared in 2009 and since the gambling platforms started accepting this innovation. The main advantage of using Bitcoin is the high level of privacy and anonymity. Actually, when the players move funds with this digital currency, their personal and financial information is not required.

The only information demanded is the address to define where Bitcoins are sent. A number of Bitcoin sports betting sites and internet casinos enable those who want to deposit and withdraw their winnings in a confidential way. Since it is linked with the blockchain technology, the transparency of each payment transaction is guaranteed.